You Will Lose 20,000 USD IF?

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    Chinese Companies are conning western workers in China

    I am from the UK and I have been living in china now for 4 years. 1 year ago a friend told me of a job that was available in Zhejiang province working for a company that was a joint venture between two companies, a company from Finland and a company from China so I made contact with the company representative.

    I was told that they were looking for a reference (special) projects manager and the job would be based in at their head office.
    I signed my employment contract on the 15-06-2008 and from that date I have had nothing but problems some of them quite serious, Starting with the company breaking their own contract at least 6 or 7 times and then the company breaking Chinese Employment Law again at least 7 or 8 times.

    I tried to communicate with the company but got absolutely no response from them, so I then decided to visit a local lawyer in Huzhou 2 hours later I realised that going through the law courts would take too long, because my work visa is due to run out in less than a month and then I will have to go back to the UK.

    I then decided to contact the Chinese Government for help but as you will see from the writing below to my horror that it turned out to be worse.

    We visited the Government department and went to the petition Center Thursday afternoon and we explained the situation and gave them all the information they required, that we had concerning the company, they had not paid my salary correctly for March 2009 and they had broken there employment contract in about 6 or 7 different ways and Chinese Employment Law again at least 7 or 8 times. The Government then said they cannot do anything and suggested that we go to Labour Security Supervision Brigade in the town where the company is based.

    We visited the Labour Security Supervision Brigade Friday morning and spoke to a government official. We explained the situation and gave him all the information he required, he said that I should go the legal way. I said that I could not do that because my Visa would run out before the legal process would be complete. He then said he would contact the company and try to set up a meeting and he would call us on Monday to tell us the answer.

    We telephoned the government department at 4.00pm on Monday and they said that the company had agreed to meet me and that they would contact by e-mail me later in the week and tell me the time and the place.

    The meeting took place but it was a joke? A Kangaroo court and the local government supervised this and allowed it to happen.

    Why is the Chinese Government not prepared to stop these companies?

    The departments were the right one’s they know this company has broken the Laws of China

    Why did the local Government people not do their jobs? (We know why£)

    Why do the local government allow this company to blatantly break Chinese Law? (We know why£)

    Is this the way that Chinese Companies treat Chinese employees and do they plan to treat westerners that are prepared to help China in its development the same way?

    This Company are crooks
    1 They owe me at the moment RMB 125,500+. (USD 20,000)(£12,500)
    2 They have not paid my salary the full amount on time.
    3 They put my health at risk.
    4 I had to lie to customers.
    5 The contract finishes 2 days after my work visa, expires how can I complete the contract? (I have to break it?)
    6 I was forced to do overtime and they have not paid me for it.
    7 They never paid my social insurance.

    These are just some of the points, there are many more all I am asking for is JUSTICE and the monies that are owed me, can something be done using Chinese’s Law to stop these companies from doing the same again? (NOT AT LOCAL LEVAL)

    For obvious reasons I cannot put all the details in this story but it consists of lies deceit and corruption and I have the proof to prove it all.

    Is this the way Chinese’s Companies treat all their employees


    Government wants more foreign experts

    Source: Xinhua | 2009-3-21 |

    UNDER a new program to hire 1,000 overseas specialists, the central government will offer each 1 million Yuan (US$146,000) in subsidies.

    If employed, they will also be able to enjoy medical care and pensions.

    The spokesman of the Organizational Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee made the announcement yesterday.

    The official said an eligible candidate, regardless of his or her nationality, should be aged 55 or younger, should stay in China for six months or longer every year, have an academic title equivalent to professor, or currently work as a senior managing staff with a well-known international company or banking institution.

    Candidates can also include those who have developed technologies or patents and those who have set up their own businesses abroad and are familiar with international rules in a certain industry.
    Those who want to apply for the program should contact institutions involved in central government-funded innovation programs, laboratories, companies or state-owned banking institutions and high-tech parks.

    Eligible persons can also send their application directly to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, the All-China Youth Federation, the China Association for Science and Technology and the Western Returned Scholars Association.
    The candidates must pass two appraisals by experts within the candidate's same profession and a group of noted scholars, entrepreneurs and venture investors.
    The experts can be appointed leaders of colleges, research institutes, central government-controlled companies, state-owned banking institutions, or government-funded key research programs.