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Is Global warming a threat to mankind?

  1. elvanGalaxy profile image59
    elvanGalaxyposted 8 years ago

    Is Global warming a threat to mankind?

    Not at all but it depends with whom you are talking with. From my very understanding. I think the global warming that we are seeing today is the checks and balances of the earth. It's a recicle processing that one point must the earth go through. we've had the ice age in the past so it's not a surprise to me if we may be heading towards to a new iceage. This all natrues healing processing.

  2. thesecondadvent profile image60
    thesecondadventposted 8 years ago

    My Dear Sweet Friends,

    Yes, it is a threat.  This healing process is a process that is designed to elminate the threat unto the Earth that humans hast been.  The Earth is, indeed, trying to heal itself. But, we art the cause of the sore and illness that the Earth suffer from, so the cure is the removal of humans.  Tsunamis, earthquates, hurricanes, firestorms and floods art other ways of self-healing for the Earth. These also art removal methods that the Earth employ.  It possess far more powerful methods without a doubt.

  3. Debby Bruck profile image73
    Debby Bruckposted 8 years ago

    Global warming is real. The data of ice cores showing the earth's atmospheric changes are recorded. The polar caps are melting, the sea levels are rising, all things great and small on our planet are effected. We shall see more of them in the coming years as the pace speeds up.

    Because we have the technology to utilize clean energy, there is no reason that we should not institute policies to make them more prevalent. This would also encourage building new industries and creating new job markets.

    Let's "Think Green!"

  4. Robbert Blok profile image54
    Robbert Blokposted 8 years ago

    I hope it's gonna be our salvation.
    I hope it's gonna open our eyes and shake us out of this ridiculous ego trip, recalibrate our sense of what's important and what is not and force us to work together and undo.
    I hope the future will bring us away from this road to slavery and back into balance. Although i realize this is a lot to ask.
    I want a world of lush green in which we live in balance with our selves and our neighbours. I want us, for instance, to focus our energy on creating a completely different education system that will produce parents that teach their children about love, spirituality and respect for mother earth and everything on it and put them on a road to conciousness instead of ignorance and stupidity.

    If i was a god and wanted their attention for such a big change i might have had the same idea; Scare the living daylights out of them.
    And i believe it's working! A lot of people are working hard these days, and with success, to make the world a better place and if i knew a bigger way to help them i would.

  5. LeeWalls profile image59
    LeeWallsposted 7 years ago

    It's very much real. Those that won't accept it is because it will affect them one way or another. They rather argue it's made up.