Bunny Biofuel: what is the calorific value of a rabbit and what does its carbon

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    paul_gibsonsposted 8 years ago

    Bunny Biofuel: what is the calorific value of a rabbit and what does its carbon footprint look like

    the town of Karslkoga (Sweden) uses rabbits culled by The City of Stockholm Parks Department to generate electricity and heat. This has led to heated debates in Scandinavia and Europe amongst animal rights' advocates and vegetarians about he ethics of this.When talking about biofuels we always seem to assume plant material but for instance Demark used to fish for sandlance (at least until 1995 that I know of) for exactly the same purpose... and btw, the bunny project received EU funding.. Purely out of curiosity I wonder what the total carbon balance looks like with respect to CO2 emissions

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    See if you could find the answer by visiting the website that is listed below.

    http://www.carbonadvicegroup.com/uk/ind … ateid=1024

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    I do remember reading about Sweden / Bunny Fuel program. At first I was a little horrified, then thought it was pretty funny and possibly even genius. While I am by no means advocating the mass extermination of any tiny fluffy creature. I think it's an interesting solution to a problem. Obviously the burning of bunnies does release carbon into the atmosphere, although it's not really a fossil fuel and I guess bunnies are a renewable resource (breed like rabbits)... I guess with fewer rabbits around munching on "green stuff" there would be more plant life around to soak up the carbon from the burning bunnies.

    Culling animals to keep an eco-system in balance has long been an accepted practice in many places across the globe.