what would you have done if you were alone in that room?

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    mjd04posted 8 years ago

    what would you have done if you were alone in that room?

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    Kaie Arwenposted 8 years ago

    mjd04- that's an odd question, and I'd really like to know why you'd ask? Surviving Limbo is some 250 odd pages long; Surviving Limbo 5 is only a small portion of it. Of all that I'd written that section was very last thing I sat down and put to paper; it is the hardest thing I've ever written.
    Your question is very voyeuristic, and I quite frankly won't even consider the things that happened in that room in another context. It was what is was, there are no maybes, other scenarios, or other endings, and I won't ponder a question that would leave me writing a fictional account about something I find no entertainment in whatsoever. Non-consensual sex is ugly no matter the circumstance, and nothing I could say or write would change anything.
    I don't think this answer is the one you were looking for, but it is the only answer you'll get, and I apologize if I've misconstrued the question, but I don't think I have.

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    marieryanposted 8 years ago

    You know the pain is unbearable, you know there can be no relief. She begs you to do so... You know that you are able to help her, to end the terrible suffering for the person you love so much.

    What would ANYONE have done if they had been alone in that room?