Wealth Can Not Be Created But Can Be Transformed From One Person To Another?

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    ngurecoposted 8 years ago

    Wealth Can Not Be Created But Can Be Transformed From One Person To Another?

    Wealth Is A Measure Of Energy And Like Energy, Wealth Can Not Be Created But Can Only Be Transferred From One Person To Another. Poverty Eradication Means The Poor Should Acquire Sufficient Intelligence To Steal Wealth From Those Who Have It. What Do You Say?

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    commisionerposted 8 years ago

    i say if you give a poor man a million dollars he will eventually be poor again. if you take away all the money of a self made millionaire, he will again become rich. yes wealth is transfered from one to another because there is but so much money to be had. but it can be created in the form of hard work, ingenuity and uniqueness. face it the gnp before computers was much less than it is now. when someone invents or "creates" a product and/or service that is appealing, people want it and buy it. that creates wealth that was not there before.
    not only did the computer make the inventor rich but has since become the source of income great and small for the business "created" by it and the internet. it increased the gnp for ours and other countries. it revolutionized communication and made more jobs than anyone could have imagined. all from a small garage in a small town in california. i'd say that was creation.

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    Zazuzuposted 6 years ago

    If you think of wealth as the product of all inputs, then wealth can be created. For example, if we figure out a way build cars more efficiently, then we can produce more cars. This, in essence create wealth since we have shifted up our production possibility.

    The realization that clean water prevents disease improved the standard of living of almost everyone in society with relatively little to no cost to anyone. Thus, society as a whole is "wealthier."