I was raped 15 yrs ago could i still go to police

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  1. profile image49
    bjcamp30posted 10 years ago

    I was raped 15 yrs ago could i still go to police

  2. profile image53
    Housewatch24-7posted 10 years ago

    Yes, you can still  go to the police and report your rape. By  reporting it can have 2 effects;
    1) for yourself , it could be the beginning a a healing long overdue-get it in the open, with people non-judgemental that will listen to you and help you deal with the emotional issues sure to come back and possibly prosecute the thug that raped you.
    2) by reporting, you may save an innocent victim of the HELL you went through. No-one deserves this to happen to her. This rapist may become a serial rapist, murderer, and you may be the only one knowing the truth..

  3. aidenofthetower profile image82
    aidenofthetowerposted 10 years ago

    You can always report it. In most cases it will be taken down and put in a file. If the guy should do it again then your report could help get him taken off the street.

    In most states there are statues of limitations on reporting the rape and 15 years probably goes beyond most of those. So, it isn't likely that your report will get action and cause him to be punished.

    Additionally housewatch24-7 is right about it helping you heal.

  4. GlstngRosePetals profile image71
    GlstngRosePetalsposted 10 years ago

    I believe that yes you can still go to the police because if there were other allegations of that person raping another individual and if there is a record of it then they can arrest that peson for multiple allegations and charges. I would definetly go to the police and file charges..

  5. profile image0
    JeanMeriamposted 10 years ago
  6. Wayne Brown profile image81
    Wayne Brownposted 10 years ago

    I don't know the statute of limitations regarding that law and it may vary from state to state. That is a good place to start by researching the statute of limitatins for that particular crime in your area. There are other things to consider. Likely there is no evidence remaining on which to prove the crime.  Short of having an eye witness, it comes down to your word against his/her. If that becomes the circumstance, then the accusation may be as far as you get into the process.  With all that in mind, then you need to weigh the impact on those around you and how they will be affected when this information is made public. Regardless of how you proceed in the legal regard, you should find a professional counselor who can help you work through the emotional aspects of this crime that you suffered. In the long run, that may be the only real relief and satisfaction you achieve from the crime.  Best of luck. Thanks. WB


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