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Should the Government and Congress fear the people or should "We The People" fea

  1. Breezy010 profile image56
    Breezy010posted 8 years ago

    Should the Government and Congress fear the people or should "We The People" fear the Government?

    When evr i look at the news or CNN politicains and Goverment issues are all that are now Americas prime focus. We the people vote every years on who we want to "rule" over us in a sense. They say this& they say that. They promise all these different things. They give us half ass answers to the questions we want to know. They hide there mistakes through these made up stories but yet they want use to have faith in them. I THINK NOT. The governments would be nothing without the peopl e. We chose them they didnt chose us, so why cant we get the answers we want why do we have to sit back & wonder?

  2. commisioner profile image56
    commisionerposted 8 years ago

    i understand your dilemma and have a suggestion. when you ask an elected official a question and can't get an answer, go to his/her office. all congressmen and senators have local offices and staff. if you ask the president or his vice something and can't get satisfaction, then go to your congressman or senator's office and push him/her to get you an answer.
    if all else fails, get on a site like this and find local people in your area to all go to his/her office. start a grass roots campaign to get the answers or results you are looking for.
    this is how, even with a super majority the dems had, the health care bill was trashed. that is also how the amnesty bill from kennedy/mccain was killed before bush signed it.
    call them, write them have others who share your views join you. let them know they work for you and i. they should fear us. we not only have the power to vote them out, we also have the power to levy charges against them if they break or go against the constitution, we the people have that power, we are just now using it and it's long overdue.

  3. Breezy010 profile image56
    Breezy010posted 8 years ago

    I 110% agree with your suggestion but really the chances of that being 110% successful is slim to none....
    The Gov. forces upon its ppl this American Dream that they want us to conform to when in reality not to many ppl live by that dream.
    Its like this if i dont know u u dnt know me, but if i had a question for you would you truthfully give me a answer or would you give me the run aroun with some crazy answer...
    and that Commisioner is what the Gov. does to the ppl
    Its easy to say make your question be known become a Lobbyist, voice your opinions and all that, but that dosnt mean that the answeres that we get back are going to be 110% truthful
    The Gov. hides from there mistakes and turn them into bigger mistakes and never admit it them and by the time we do hear about them some diaster has already happened, so yes you are right about your suggestions if we had a perfect Gov. and we dont

  4. someonewhoknows profile image73
    someonewhoknowsposted 8 years ago

    If,we truely believe we are the government ,we should never have to be afraid of our representitives.But we definitely have to keep a close eye on what they are doing on our behalfand if we don't like what they are doing ,let them know it,as individuals as well as groups,political action groups,that are a kind of grassroots government.Otherwise the paid lobbyists and the corporations that employ them will do that as they have done for the last 70 to 100 years.

  5. J.S.Matthew profile image83
    J.S.Matthewposted 8 years ago

    I don't want to ruin my "reputation", but I think We The People, should fear our Government.

    I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist (although I am) but check out the Bilderberg Group, the New World Order, the Masons, and the historic "Knights Templar".

    I don't know, maybe I watch too much history channel! It can get scary, though!

    Great answer, Commisioner!

  6. terced ojos profile image64
    terced ojosposted 8 years ago

    There are no more patriots in America.

    There are no people who actually know what their rights are or what those rights portend.

    There are no rebels.

    When this government decides to take over it's a done deal period.

    We the people are blind and stupid and naked and we like it just fine that way. Give me another beer, another cafe mocha, another reality show, another vicadin, give me something to eat, something to consume, something to buy and anything else to dull my senses to the inevitable reality of my own slavery.

    Fight the Power.

  7. lostdogrwd profile image60
    lostdogrwdposted 5 years ago

    the people that the people sent to represent use has sold out to the corporation  and we the people has been divided by greed and to keep its greed. the government is the people but our government has rob the people with spin (lies)  for now it about get what you can get for your self and that not the duty of a government but to keep law, order, protection and fairness for the people of the country. the rich should never be allow to kill poor people in this country for profit or imprison profit or heal people fro mass profit but its has and its just can't last.