Are we really winning by breaking all of the rules?

  1. listen-obey profile image58
    listen-obeyposted 8 years ago

    Are we really winning by breaking all of the rules?

    Thinking out loud!
    In baseball we teach our players to steal and run the base when no one
    looking. Football players are taught to hard tackle as long as we win.  In a lot of cases we honor the fans and neglect our families by the time we spend away practicing. We spend millions of dollars paying players instead of feeding the hungry.So we say it's just a game, but in life we are really breaking all the rules.We are given the commandments thou shalt not kill, steal, and love your neighbor, yet we do just the opposite in the name of the game. So are we really winning?

  2. Anne Scullard profile image73
    Anne Scullardposted 7 years ago

    No, we are just kidding ourselves.  God says that we should keep our integrity in all instances even if it means loosing the game.  I have found that when I do that, God blesses me in other ways or even make me win the game after all.
    We have a choice.  I always ask myself :  What excuse will I give God on Judgment day to justify my actions and I usually come up with no good ones.  Is it really worth while to give up your integrity for a few games and then risk loosing your crowns in heaven for ever?

    I would rather give up the temporary now for the everlasting one day, because "for ever" is  a very long time and I would rather sit at God's feet for ever than win something that does not last.