Why is it that our government spends all of our countries money on things that d

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  1. swesley01 profile image61
    swesley01posted 8 years ago

    Why is it that our government spends all of our countries money on things that do not help this mess

    Our governemt spends millions and millions of dollars that our country does not have on things that are not helping our country instead it goes to others and other things. When are the people in this country going to get a break and have the government help us americans for a change?

  2. Instrumentally profile image60
    Instrumentallyposted 8 years ago

    There trying to bankrupt our nation on purpose.

  3. Jarn profile image80
    Jarnposted 8 years ago

    It's essentially the same premise as going on a shopping spree with someone else's credit card. Since it's not your money, you couldn't care less.

    And as for Americans getting a break, that won't happen until we stand up and do something about it. It's been 200+ years since the last revolution, one that was founded on the basis of overcoming an oppressive, tyrannical regime. I personally believe that the founding fathers knew that the institution cannot help but become the oppressor as time and rot sets in. I also suspect they would've expected another rebellion. It seems that the only way for this corruption, complacency, and criminal incompetence can be avoided is to overturn the ruling system every hundred years are so. And guess what? We're overdue.

  4. Emissionguy profile image84
    Emissionguyposted 8 years ago

    Goverment spends money on things that benefit the people in power. They need to pay back those people that got them elected in the first place. They need to create situations so after they leave office they will have a nice cushy job waiting for them in some big company they helped while in office.

    It doesn't even matter which party is in power, they get so drunk on the public dime they can't help themselves.

  5. tinaweha profile image60
    tinawehaposted 7 years ago

    I can't give you direct examples, but my gut feeling is that those federal dollars are helping to stabilize areas so that major corporations can continue raking it in.

    If anyone can explain this to me, I would love to know.  It's just SWAG (scientific wild ass guess).

  6. profile image62
    Paul Cheslerposted 7 years ago

    Great point.  Not too long ago I saw a survey that said that eighty percent of Americans don't approve of the government.    The translation is that of three hundred million Americans, two hundred forty million don't approve.  Forget about trying to convince ten million people in some foreign country to like our government, they have two hundred forty million back home they have to convince.  For some reason, even though foreign policy is definitely important, it seems as though domestic policy is never paid enough attention to.  I guess that is why Americans don't approve of our government anyhow.  It is time they spend their money where they really should - helping people through these hard times.  To be honest, although, I have theorized in multiple hubs of mine. that perhaps there is a way to end the financial crisis and unemployment problems (they are intertwined)with minimal money spent by the government just by enacting common sense legislation.  If politicians weren't so corrupt, maybe they would enact this legislation and stop everybody else's headaches.


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