What definite proof do we have that Obama wasn't born in America?

  1. cindybarrymore profile image59
    cindybarrymoreposted 7 years ago

    What definite proof do we have that Obama wasn't born in America?

    Please give me a SOLID argument based on fact.

  2. The Shark profile image60
    The Sharkposted 7 years ago

    The question is not proof that he wasn't born in America. The question is proof that he was born in America. If he was born here he has handled it very strange. Both he and his staff have done everything possible to ignore or deflect the question.
    He has never provided a birth cert. something any American can do. He was one of seven children, all born outside the US except for him. His wife refers to Ghana as her husbands "homeland." Have you ever heard of any President referring to a foreign country as his homeland?
    The real problem here is not just his legal status to be President.
    But what if this guy wasn't born in the US?  This not only makes him ineligable to be President but it also means he is an illegal alien. If he was simply brought here as a child while on vacation with his "Typical White" Grandmother. then he is here illegally having never applied for citizenship.
    You don't think that's a problem?
    The Shark

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    llabesab1234posted 7 years ago

    You know that Obama despises Rush Limbaugh.  Rush stands for everything that is abhorrent to Obama.  Wouldn't it give Obama a mountain of pleasure to throw a certified copy of his birth certificate in Rush's ample face?  But, no, Obama has to endure the "..slings and arrows of outrageous fortune because, philosophically, "..what ain'e--can'  We can see and examine the birth certificate of every president since George Washington--but not that of Obama

    Put yourself in Obama's shoes.  Why don't you put the entire controversy to bed by just going on TV (he is quite expert at that) and let the country see a copy of the certified birth certificate.  Do you know of any political figure in the history of this country whose birth certificate is not available for all to see?