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Where Were You When 9/11 Happened?

  1. Miranda Fox profile image60
    Miranda Foxposted 7 years ago

    Where Were You When 9/11 Happened?

    We'll never forget that day, how did you hear about it?  Who were you with?  How did it affect you?

  2. aguasilver profile image81
    aguasilverposted 7 years ago

    I had just returned home to my farmhouse in the countryside in Spain, my son called out, "Dad New Yorks on fire" and then we watched mesmerized as the event unfolded.

    It seemed surreal and like it was a film shoot, rather than the real thing, and I kept having to remind myself this was not CGI.

    Then I remembered that I had read a prophesy about this a month earlier:

    Exactly one week ago, we returned from New York City, where we spent six days working for our Lord and Saviour in research and spiritual warfare. It was our eleventh trip to this city of spiritual Babylon, and one of our reasons for going was to go to the United Nations, where meetings were to be held to plan a strategy on how to completely disarm the "citizens" of all member nations. On Friday, July 6th, something happened to me that I will never forget. It is something that has happened few times in my ministry, and as we were sailing across New York Harbor on the Staten Island Ferry for Manhattan, the Almighty stunned me with an amazing vision. I was standing at the front of the ferry outside as we were approaching the Statue of Liberty. I looked at the statue and my eyes focused on the torch. This torch is a symbol of the Illuminati and is referred to by the conspirators as the "torch of Illuminism." After looking at the torch, I turned my eyes to the 13-mile island of Manhattan. There, in the distance were the twin towers of the World Trade Center rising a quarter of a mile high. The other sky- scrapers in the financial district of Southern Manhattan filled the narrow island. As I looked, I felt the Spirit of the Almighty come over me, and when He opened my eyes I saw massive flames of fire rising high into the sky as the entire island of Manhattan was engulfed in flames. The flames rose high above the buildings and pulsated with intensity. I could hear the horrifying screams of multitudes of people in the distance as the burning continued and intensified. Then, the vision ended as quickly as it began, and I stood there with tears filling my eyes as I realized what is coming upon this nation. I then heard a voice that seemed to come from inside of me saying, "Tell not the vision until you return." I do not pretend to know what it all means, but I do know that time is short and the end is near.


    The image of folk jumping from windows will always be with me.

  3. vgf1968 profile image59
    vgf1968posted 7 years ago

    At work in Colorado.  The news was being broadcast in a training room, and we were allowed to watch when we were on break.  It was extremely hard to focus on work.  A lot of tears fell that day.  I didn't know anyone from New York at the time, and still, I felt as though a part of me died.   I was scared for my children and really scared for this country.

  4. Mom Kat profile image78
    Mom Katposted 7 years ago

    Getting my kids ready to go to the daycare where I worked.  I remember waking up and thinking something was wrong & I had this horrible feeling but I didn't know why.
    When I got to work with the kids everyone was crying and upset.  It was like some strange dream. I asked what was wrong & that's when I found out.
    I spent the morning hugging the parents of the children I took care of and trying to put on a happy face for the kids who were too young to really understand what had just happened.