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Why are so many Amercians behind bars?

  1. shimla profile image86
    shimlaposted 7 years ago

    Why are so many Amercians behind bars?

    America prides itself for being a leader in many things as a nation but one statistic that we should not be proud of is the fact that the United States, the “land of the free”, imprisons more people than any other country on the planet, including China! The U.S. has over 2.3 million people behind bars while China, with 4 times the population has only 1.6 million. That’s right, with only 5% of the world’s population the U.S. incarcerates 25% of the world’s prisoners and people are imprisoned for things like writing bad checks and minor drug use

  2. Mr. Happy profile image81
    Mr. Happyposted 7 years ago

    Mr. Morson has no clue of what is going on blinded by the corporate media his answer is an example of a brainwashed mind. The incarceration levels have gone up because prisons are a profitable business. People are being arested for next to nothing nowadays. The police state is taking shape.
    Also, people make money off other people being in jail. There are federal grants for private prisons and inmates are a form of chap labour. It's all about profit!
    "The truth is rarely pure and never simple." Oscar Wilde

  3. GNelson profile image78
    GNelsonposted 7 years ago

    WE also have a 50% graduation rate for high schools in some areas.

  4. Steven DeVald profile image74
    Steven DeValdposted 7 years ago

    Legalizing drugs and taxing them might help. Plus china is more likely just to shoot offenders and not incarcerate them. I imagine a automated jail where people would spend less time for their crime. However, they would never want to go back there.

  5. ArtzGirl profile image79
    ArtzGirlposted 6 years ago

    There are a lot of people behind bars in the United States, but they are also now targeting individuals to be in virtual prisons in their own homes, offices, cars, and anywhere that satellite technology can find their body heat imprints and zap the hell out of them.

    If you are not aware of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW's) and what is at the end of the Chemtrails research rabbit hole, then I recommend that you visit the hubpage that I've been working on called... Chemtrails: The "Shocking" Truth

    http://artzgirl.hubpages.com/hub/So-You … on-Rampage

    These "Targeted Individuals" (TI's) are under 24/7 remote electronic harassment and torture.

    No longer do "they" need to lock people up and imprison them.  They can select targets at random and put these people in a position where their entire WORLD becomes a virtual prison and torture chamber.