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What do you think is going to happen if Obama is voted in for another term?

  1. mandyf profile image64
    mandyfposted 7 years ago

    What do you think is going to happen if Obama is voted in for another term?

  2. krishubpages123 profile image31
    krishubpages123posted 7 years ago

    He will not contest for President for sure, because they might want to try for Hillary for sure next time, she will be for another 4 years...

  3. GNelson profile image77
    GNelsonposted 7 years ago

    He won't start another war like Iraq which has  increased the deficit.  He won't cut taxes for the rich which has increased the deficit.   He won't deregulate everything in site so we have to bail out corporations and remove oil from the Gulf of Mexico.  The last three conservative presidents have increased the national debt.  Clinton is the only President in recent history that ran a surplus.  He taxed the rich and we had prosperity.

  4. Wayne Brown profile image84
    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    If Obama is re-elected to office for a second term, it will be because the country has swung back hard to the left and thus again populated a dominate liberal majority into both the executive office and into Congress. The liberal side will view this as a mandate which will then become the basis for launching a program of reforms throughout our government and society.  These reforms will all be aimed at a "socialist" outcome and all will require significant funding from the taxpayers.  One example will be immigration reform...basically amnesty for illegals now in the country with citizenship rights granted. For all practical purposes America is financially bankrupt at the present and really only have our good name and the promise of our future productivity on which to borrow.  If we continue on the path we are currently on with spending and social programs, those assets will disappear.  Eventually, America becomes a country run by those who want everyone to think they care but are really just bent on inserting government control into every aspect of our lives...control is power and the left is ever thirsty for power over the people much like the kings of old. Obama promised change and America failed to asked what it would be...now we don't like it. We are surely at the crossroads come Nov 2 and change needs to come starting on that day and continuing right into Nov 2012.  WB

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