Should countries have forced conscription?

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    rafkenposted 7 years ago

    Should countries have forced conscription?

    Some countries have subscription but if someone didn't want to join the army, they could join customs, police, hospitals, postal service or any other government branch they choose. If a student, studying to be a doctor, didn't want to interupt his schooling, he could choose to do his government service, as a qualified doctor but must still do service at some time.

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    syzygyastroposted 7 years ago

    In an age of international combat and war, the question always arises if forced conscription is necessary. In the Us, the last time this happened was during the unpopular Vietnam War. read more

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    tinawehaposted 7 years ago

    seems to work for Israel, however I am against forced conscription except in time of war.