Is global warming a ligitimate issue or simply a hoax?

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  1. Donna Janelle profile image70
    Donna Janelleposted 8 years ago

    Is global warming a ligitimate issue or simply a hoax?

  2. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 8 years ago

    in my opinion it's not only 100% legitimate but we are darn close to the point of no return. were killing our planet and within 30 or 40 years there will be no chance to fix it.

  3. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image97
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 8 years ago

    It's both.  Despite nightwork4's idea that "we are killing our planet," when Mt. Saint Helens erupted years ago, more co2 was released than in the entire history of fossil fuel consumption. . . .so nature is a far more powerful source of the warming than we are.

    I'm not saying at all here that we shouldn't be more responsible, we should be more responsible.  The nightwork4 perspective is false, and based in a guilt that you and I should not have.

    "We" are not killing our planet, corporations are, and mother nature is a destructive force herself.

  4. Wayne Brown profile image84
    Wayne Brownposted 8 years ago

    There has been much to indicate that it is a supposition that is assumed rather than proven.  The evidence presented by some scientists is a bit doctored in order to reach the conclusions necessary to prove global warming.  In truth, we do not possess enough historical weather data observations to make a conclusion of statistical significance with regard to global warming.  While I certainly believe we should all use commen sense and be good stewards of our world, we have to be able to separate truth from fiction.  To operate on the assumption that mankind even possess the ability and power to alter the atmospheric conditions of the earth is a rather pompous position of ego.  Global warming provides some of the same financial opportunities afford by racial conflict etc.  Those professing to be perveyors of it often are also making a tidy income from it thus they love to hammer the point. The day Al Gore can show up somewhere and swear that he has never made a dime off of environmental issues and does not stand to make any money off of Cap & Trade will be the day the world likely stops turning on its axis.  As a public we are far too gullible and not willing to follow the money in these scenarios. Often, the money is the reason the concept came about and the wonderful thing about using an environmental issue is that it is impossible to prove a negative when someone says "okay prove that mankind is not damaging the atmosphere"...It's foolproof and there are plenty out there like Gore who will tout their background and intellect as the basis for why you should believe.  Believe it if you want to but don't take their information as the basis for your belief.  If less scientists in this country were not dependent on government and private grants for their livelihood you might hear far more of them speaking out on the fallacy of global warming.  Most are remaining mute and hanging on to their research grants.

  5. dabeaner profile image59
    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    There are climate cycles.  "Global warming" may or may not be happening at present.  Humans are contributing to it in the sense that if the climate is getting warmer, we are making it warmer.  If the climate is cooling, we are slowing the cooling.

    But the whole debate is designed by your rulers to divert attention from the REAL problem that no one -- you or your rulers -- wants to address.  That is overpopulation and the resource crash occurring because of it. … stitutions


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