2008 Primaries/Caucuses

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  1. Peter M. Lopez profile image80
    Peter M. Lopezposted 13 years ago

    While I normally love presidential politics, I feel somewhat...blah, I guess about this year's pool of candidates.  Hillary would be interesting, except that she's been around since I was a teenager.  McCain, ditto.

    I propose that we have a boxing tournament.

    Obama v. Edwards for the Democrats.

    Mit v. Huckabee for the Republicans.

    Winners duke it out in November.  Any takers?

    1. College politico profile image62
      College politicoposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      This one seems pretty easy to answer in my mind...

      Obama takes edwards easily but Hillary isn't dead yet... she could definitely still win the nomination.

      I see McCain winning in New Hampshire which would all but kill Mitt Romney. Then it will be interesting because Huckabee is up in several more of the early states like south carolina... plus I supposed guiliani is still viable... we will see

  2. Peter M. Lopez profile image80
    Peter M. Lopezposted 13 years ago

    A McCain/Hillary campaign would be great.  Two heavyweights.  I think McCain would have it easier against Hillary than in the primaries.  I just don't understand why right-wingers have such a problem w/McCain.

    As far as Hillary, I think she's got all the votes she's every going to get right now.  She will not change a single mind, but it could be enough if the Republican turn out is lower than '04.

  3. College politico profile image62
    College politicoposted 13 years ago

    well a lot of people think his campaign finance reform law violates the 1st amendment... I tend to agree.

    I really think that a McCain/Huckabee (or vice versa) ticket is a great idea and would have a very good shot at beating any of the democratic tickets... but its still really early.

  4. Peter M. Lopez profile image80
    Peter M. Lopezposted 13 years ago

    No doubt, McCain/Huckabee would be tough. 

    Edwards/Obama would be tough, too.

  5. College politico profile image62
    College politicoposted 13 years ago

    Idk it seems that edwards and obama are both fighting for the same group (the more liberal)

    Maybe a clinton/edwards would be better?

  6. Peter M. Lopez profile image80
    Peter M. Lopezposted 13 years ago

    Hillary is still Hillary.  Clinton/Clinton (Hill/Bill) perhaps, but people either lover her or hate her, everyone loves Bill.  I don't think most voters intuitively connect Edwards/Obama.  Yes, they're lawyers, but I don't know if most voters know that.  Edwards is the charming Southern guy, and Obama is the Puff Daddy of Democratic politics (at the moment).  Or is it PDiddy now?  Don't underestimate looks.

  7. mtnwizard49 profile image60
    mtnwizard49posted 13 years ago

    Good news today.  The Clintons attempt to disenfranchise thousands of poor workers in Nevada was thrown out of Court by the Federal Judge.  Fitting since it was three members of Clinton's campaign committee who drew up the rules last March that were then approved by the Democratic Party.  Seems the Culinary Worers Union threw a monkey wrench into Slick Willie's plans.

  8. livelonger profile image93
    livelongerposted 13 years ago

    I have a soft spot for Hillary but the hatred she engenders from both the far left and far right will probably kill her chances of winning the presidency, if not the primary. And, actually, I know plenty of Independents that loathe her too (although none seem to be able to articulate exactly why).

    I will support Obama and hope that he wins the presidency. Especially with neanderthals like Huckabee doing so well on the Republican side.


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