What would be the effect on African States if they withdrew from the Rome Statut

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    Anjiliposted 7 years ago

    What would be the effect on African States if they withdrew from the Rome Statutes that founded...

    the International Criminal Court? How would this impact upon their relations with other nations?

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    oderogposted 7 years ago

    There are very few African leaders that have some good value and principle on democracy, to them democracy is to rule until death, steal until no more to be stolen and to disregard the rule of law. Withdrawing from Rome statue might help them for now but this will not solve their problem because the day our democracy will mature all will have to pay wherever they will be

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    Legal-lady83posted 7 years ago

    The immediate impact on African States if they were to withdraw from the Rome Statues would probably be minimal. The most obvious effect may be a possible withdrawal of economic aid by Western Society. However, their relations with other nations are unlikely to change greatly, in the immediate future. The reason for this being that whilst the Rome Statutes have created an idealistically supreme international court, this court is only capable of bringing to justice a minute proportion of offenders. Secondly, the Statutes, whilst providing a democratic court in which to try those who have committed the most horrific of all crimes, it requires that the signatory states try the majority of offenders. Thus allowing the African States to apply their ideal of justice, which may involve the death penalty. Therefore it seems that at present the African States, whether or not party to the Rome Statutes, have been allowed to retain practically complete sovereignty over their criminal justice, for Crimes Against Humanity. Which is the essence of the Rome Statutes; making whether or not a state is party to the Rome Statues a minor factor in their relations with other states.