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What News Source on the web would you recommend to an American seeking the truth

  1. Stump Parrish profile image60
    Stump Parrishposted 7 years ago

    What News Source on the web would you recommend to an American seeking the truth about America?

    Every news cast we receive about your country is scripted by the controlling interests in our government. I often visit the BBC site to discredit the American reports and to discover what the american news outlets dont want us to discover. I hope you have survived the shock of meeting an American that actually wants the truth and that future generations of your family will remember the moment fondly and with pride.

  2. Mark Upshaw profile image60
    Mark Upshawposted 7 years ago

    Critical thinking and following the money in everything.  You don't need an external source to find out what you would like to know. But don't throw out the baby with the bath water.  The US is made up of every nationality on earth (and some say other planets;) where a poor person still may become wealthy, where one can be involved in any religion and where the intellectual resources are impossible to comprehend.

  3. peterxdunn profile image61
    peterxdunnposted 7 years ago

    You do not need the the web. Try watching Al Jazeera (who are not anti-American), PressTV (an Iranian TV news channel who are) Russia Today (RT), France 24 (a lot of French media is fiercely independent) and such like. I'm not saying that everything you hear on these channels will be totally impartial - but what you will get is 'the otherside' of the story - how you balance all of this out is entirely up to you.

    On the web you could do worse than look up Paradigm Shift TV: who have produced some mind boggling stuff about the JFK assassination and 911 etc, and - this is a must - a guy called Max Keiser who is an ex Wall Street trader who gives the low down on the dirty deals done between the Federal Reserve, Wall Street and the US government (and much more).

    As for the BBC - forget 'em - I'm a Brit who considers (like a lot of Brits) that their output is thinly disguised propaganda that we have to pay for (through the license fee).

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    Ruach Eishposted 7 years ago

    I have survived the shock since I happen to know you're not alone as I have a few friends over there who, like you, are not blind or stupid!!!  But of course I will not forget that you asked ;-)  Britain itself is far from perfect - too often everyone paints America as the black sheep without considering the drawbacks in their own political systems.  Anyway, I should say continue as you are doing checking out the BBC news.  You might also try the British newspaper sites (eg, The Guardian, The Independent, The Times, The Telegraph etc)  And indeed try any news site from any country in the world.  It might be especially interesting to look at sites, or TV channels from countries where America has dealt a heavy hand.  Myself I often look at the Jerusalem Post site because the British press is EXTREMELY prejudiced against Israel.