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My son is 7 yrs old, and is being suspended from the bus for 5 days. I have been

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    gklineposted 7 years ago

    My son is 7 yrs old, and is being suspended from the bus for 5 days. I have been trying to work...

    with the school bus driver, principal, and transportation dept on this to no avail.  My son has been written up for several things, changing seats, yelling, writting on window with chapstick, and various other things.  I have asked several times that he be placed in front near the Bus Driver, but was denied, because he has other students that are trouble makers he has to keep up there.  They are older kids, and I don't see why my son is getting kicked off, when he is not being allowed the same tollerance given to the older kids.  My son is a good kid, makes good grades, but is a goofball, and

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    Sweetsusiegposted 7 years ago

    The reason is probably this, after so many write ups the bus driver is obliged to issue a 'kick off' slip.  At our school it was 3 warnings then a 10 day suspension.  Your school may be different.  I also gave verbal warnings before issuing a bus slip.

    For the time being you may have to wait it out.  Then when he is allowed to ride again, speak with the driver and see if he will be allowed to sit up front.  I only had a few spots that I could put kids that needed to sit by me. 

    If at all possible talk to the bus driver, create an open communication line.  Give him/her your home phone number so if there is a 'verbal' type warning you can deal with it right away.  To prevent future bus slips.  If a bus driver feels that warnings are not working, that is why they give the kick off slips.

    Honestly, the object of the bus slips is 'supposed' to force the parents into 'making' the child mind the driver.  But in truth a child is going to do what they will, no matter how much punishment the parent enforces at home. 

    It seems as though everyone wants to pass the buck when it comes to raising a child.  As a driver I tried giving as much leeway as possible to a child.  Sad to say not everyone is as tolerant as I am.   

    As a possible solution to your dilemma, something I had to do with my oldest son, make him walk to school.  Yes, I know this sounds harsh, I bundled up my other children put them in the car and followed with my flashers on, while my son walked to school.  It helped him appreciate his bus ride and after that I never had another bus issue with him.

    I wish you the best of luck!  I hope this helps answer some of your questions.

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    gklineposted 7 years ago

    I live 15 miles from the school, and I have talked, to the driver, and even after being told that he wouldn't kick him off the bus he still did.  I meet the bus every day when my son gets off, I talk to the driver.  He says that he has older kids that need to sit in the front because they cause problems.  I don't see how he can let them sit in from because they cause trouble, but won't let my son have the same chance as the other kids.  If they are a problem why are they not being kicked off?  I had no problems with the other bus driver we had before this one, now I have a new driver and nothing but problems.  I know the suspension is supposed to be a waring to the parent, but when I have been active in all warnings, and have repremanded my son for his misbehavior.  I don't know what else they expect me to do?

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    My Kat Walkin'posted 7 years ago

    At our district, we have student management classes that all busdrivers take to help them deal with the students on their bus.  One of the ways is moving the student up so that they can talk with them about their behavior.  If your student is not listening to the driver's direction then the driver has no other recourse but to do write-ups.  You can help the driver by explaining that your student's behavior is distracting and the driver is trying to keep him safe.  Sitting still in the seat is the choice he needs to make because the consequence of not sitting still or being a distraction is a write up which could include suspension from the bus.  Try suspension from his favorite video game for each day that he is off the bus.  Or maybe a rewards program for good behavior that the driver will report to you.  A star on a 3x5 card for each day, with a reward at the end of the week.  Good Luck.  Busdrivers take their responsibilty to keep your child safe, very seriously.  It is their prime directive!