What is your opinion on the issue with Egypt?

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  1. luckycharmz profile image60
    luckycharmzposted 8 years ago

    What is your opinion on the issue with Egypt?

  2. indraone01 profile image63
    indraone01posted 8 years ago

    social sphere had been granted if there is a tyrant and dictator ruler of his people must act ... but the value of spirituality on the principle of consciousness in motion becomes impossible not to be based. motion is not only reactionary just yet ... like a revival in Iran .. Egypt should be so too ...

  3. profile image57
    yaturi3posted 8 years ago

    The natural consequence of dictatorship and undemocratic rule.
    Very sad some despots have brutally suppressed such mass demonstrations in the past. Those despots will pay for their actions one day.

  4. pitzele profile image69
    pitzeleposted 8 years ago

    It really depends upon your meaning of the word, "issue."  I have been sure, based on history, that rebellion and overturning goverments (read:  monarchies or autocracies) spread like wildfire.  So, in other words, if you look at world history from the time of the American Revolution, you would see a wave of rebellions, the most notable of which was the French Revolution.  I hesitate to use the word freedom here, so please try to understand what I am saying, but "freedom" is contagious.  Eventually, things will settle down and everybody will get back to their lives.  And, really, unless your family is from that region or country, how does this actually affect you?  I am all for globalization, but let other countries run themselves as long as they are not a threat.

  5. johnjones profile image58
    johnjonesposted 8 years ago

    Power to the people! Congratulations to the Egyptian people!

  6. fundguru profile image60
    fundguruposted 8 years ago

    One dictator leaves and  a new one will take over. In every society there is always only a limited genetic pool with strong social ties and financial power.

    A key problem in Egypt would be if they really would become a democracy and so would install an islamic regime that then of course would diminish democracy and could lead to conflicts with Israel.

    I guess there are now many nations trying to push the next elections into a direction, in that a candidate becomes president that is wanted by the foreign world, but not necessary one who will do what the egyptians want.

  7. arb profile image78
    arbposted 8 years ago

    Their opposition to tyranny and the courage to stand against it, is worthy of more than my opinion, it is worthy of applause!

  8. Billrrrr profile image82
    Billrrrrposted 8 years ago

    Observers who get giddy at change should wait to  see if the new is better than the old.  In the Untied States
    (I spelled it that way on purpose) where I live, voters were promised change in the last presidential election.........................
    and we got it. 
    Change - small amounts of money, such as nickels and dimes.  We used to have dollars and now we have 


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