Why is it that when there are revolutions say they are students who are angry ab

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  1. Paul Berod profile image69
    Paul Berodposted 7 years ago

    Why is it that when there are revolutions say they are students who are angry about anything?


  2. chspublish profile image81
    chspublishposted 7 years ago

    I guess the young feel passionate a little more than the mature who have lived a life of experience. A revolution's passion  may be irresistible . Then there is the draw of the crowd.
    To want to gather and join in is probably very instinctive, though it may appear to be rash and uninformed. The young perhaps also may not be very clear on boundaries - what is safe and what is not. They have as yet to find these things out.

  3. ktarcus profile image71
    ktarcusposted 7 years ago

    Students in general tend to be adolescent males wishing to assert their authority upon what/where/when/who they themselves are. They have an anger and violence inside which is normally curtailed by modern societies around the world and channelled into academic studies or the pursuit of sport.
    When the society surrounding them starts to break down for whatever reason be it suppression of free thought or the lack of a coherent direction it is normally the young who start to suffer first be it cut-backs in funding for their outlets or sheer oppression upon their own parents which genuinely angers them.
    Their enthusiasm for change and challenge is far more prevalent than in the older generations so is often the driving force behind revolutions. It is normally however the 25-40 year age group who benefit the most from this channelled anger as they are thrust forwards into political power as the "new regime" until such time as they themselves are corrupted by the power they have and so the next cycle of events transpires with the same demographic profile of protesters taking part in the future.

  4. Mark Upshaw profile image61
    Mark Upshawposted 7 years ago

    Revolutions are not won or started by the young, but by those that can whip up the passion and fury of the youth.  Look at Obama for an example. 

    The mature are far more violent, but they are calculative and thoughtful about how to get it done and whom to use. The youth of a nation, particularly young disenchanted males are quick to anger wanting a quick change to their current situation. 

    The revolution in Egypt and the rest of the Arab countries is only beginning, the ousting of Mubarak is only a first step, the young of Egypt are now at the mercy of those that have the ability to control minds and resources. 

    It makes a better news story to say the young did this and that here in the West. Such is the worship of youth, a great Western god.

  5. Wayne Brown profile image84
    Wayne Brownposted 7 years ago

    Too often in the world of the past 100 years, revolution is a manipulative art which is staged by those desiring to shift power or to take over.  Young minds are the easiest to grab and control...they are the easiest to motivate to go out and raise hell thus revolutionaries look for the young minds. If that is not the case why would you not the think the Communists goals of 1963 were so erroneouse in saying that they party must gain a foothold in education and educational institutions.  As it is today, far too many college level professorships are filled with avowed socialsts, marxists, or communists who use their education platform to misinform and mislead. Revolution like water takes the least path of resistance...in this case intellectual resistance. WB


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