Why HealthCare Shouldn't Have Been An Issue Since Obama Was Elected

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    Mick Murdockposted 9 years ago

    Of all the social issues that I have observed since during the 2008 Presidential Elections, I have come to believe that HealthCare should not have been an major issue for this country. I have always believed that our HealthCare here in America was fine just the way it was. That is, until the Democrats within the national government made it a major issue.

    With all due respect and honor for our new President, Barack Obama, I truly believe that him and his administration making HealthCare a major concern in the United States was a wrong choice for presidential action. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a mistake, but a wrong choice to be concerned about. According to all the reports and rumors I've heard from various sources concerning our nation's HealthCare, it (HealthCare) was doing fine. Even under the Bush Administration it was fine just the way it was. But now, Obama, including all of the Democrats in the federal government, think that by having the government intervene in HealthCare issues, it will help stabalize HealthCare. What some people don't understand is that this is another form of a government "take over" of the people's lives. In other words, the new Deomcratic government wants to tell the people how they should manage their HealthCare. And that's wrong because that's called being politically corrected, which is not and should not be part of the American way of life. Bottome Line: Most Democrats in office believe in a strong central government. And again, that's wrong.

    And now, HealthCare has become a major issue here in America, not because it was doing bad in the past, but because Obama and his fellow Democrats in the federal government are trying to run our HealthCare as they see fit. Only we the American people should choose how to run our HealthCare by making the right choices to eat healthy and exercise at least two times a week. And if we do make those right choices to eat healthy and exercise, then maybe, just maybe, we may not need to worry about our HealthCare expenses.

    1. Michael Willis profile image77
      Michael Willisposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      If that was all it took to have a healthy life. I live in the real world of things that happen. Exercise and eating habits are not the only health issue. Healthcare is a Major issue.

    2. egiv profile image66
      egivposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      It's easy to say that when the healthcare system has been good to YOU. When YOU have had no problems with it, it is easy to believe that nobody else has. In reality, it is a flawed system, and Obama is the first to stand up for ALL Americans, even the ones who have more to worry about than posting on Hubpages. When did eating well and exercising stop someone from getting cancer? (uhm, Lance Armstrong?)

  2. profile image0
    Leta Sposted 9 years ago

    Again, appreciate the serious post.  And thank you for not dragging Glen Beck style attacking rhetoric into your words...heck, thanks for using YOUR words. 

    I understand the conservative's concerns regarding government interference in peoples' lives.  I question whether or not that concern is well-founded ,however.  I also would be one to question the corporate interference (and it's many arms), in peoples' lives, too.  (Private insurance is about profit and does not work so well...many will attest.)

    Bottom line for ME is that adequate health care for all people would be the fulfillment of a human right.  This right for ALL people, even those who cannot afford good insurance.  And no, preventative medicine will NOT solve all problems. See the post by Georgiakevin about the 20 year old girl with a brain tumor, ie.

    The truth is, the fearful 'ideas' being hashed out here on Hubpages, mostly, I feel are instilled and stoked by business interests.  Some within the health care industry have strong profit motive not to have things changed.  However, not all things are about profit.  I think Colin Powell said it best, when he quit the Bush administration and endorsed Obama.  And many moderates see this-- that there are certain entitlements that we recognize, that government has core function in.  Some of those things include free education for all, infrastructure, Social Security for retirees.  The time has come when health care should be recognized among these.  Indeed, we are one of the few westernized countries that do not recognize health care, basically, as a human right due all people.

  3. profile image0
    Leta Sposted 9 years ago

    Dare everyone to read--and then discuss here!  In a tone similar to the OP.

    (Hopefully I don't need to explain that the last sentence?)


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