Music Volume in headphones

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    PublicWitnessposted 7 years ago

    Music Volume in headphones

    How loud should I play music in headphones to block out the ringing while sleeping? Can't sleep with much noise. Also, what headphones do you recommend? What about the ones with the earbuds? Is there a specialy made kind that have shielding as well?

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    MOEFLATSposted 7 years ago

    Well, yes.  I've heard of earplugs made of fine-mesh metal as well as foam.  Let me tell you what I do:  I blast my ears with the highest level of pain they can handle.  This JAMS THE BINAURAL MESSAGES COMING IN THROUGH YOUR EARS.  I no longer hear well, but guess what?  The tinnitus you cause by the trauma you inflict on your ears turns the special code to drive you nuts into a run on sentence.  I seem to keep getting it back if I take three days off.  I even bought a headphone amplifier.  Personally, so much crazy crap was coming through my ears that the idea of deafening myself seemed like a possibility.  DON'T do this, because they carry their message via microwave.  The bastards might be able to get around the eardrum and go straight for your Auditory Nerve.  And I don't know about you, but having nothing to listen to but your worst enemy does not sound like a pleasurable experience. 
         Finally, you might have to choose between "sanely part-deaf" than employed.  They are the ones who are doing everything to stress us out, I figure that they should have to pay not only compensation for damage you needed to inflict to JAM/DESENSITIZE this "legal torture"......hell, they should pay to help you get your sanity back AND pay for the time it took for you to get your sanity back!  It took me about two years to recover any semblance of self/willpower after the psychological trauma this "team" put on me.