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Would you prefer to use headphone, earbuds or speakers when listening to music?

  1. hoteltravel profile image72
    hoteltravelposted 6 years ago

    Would you prefer to use headphone, earbuds or speakers when listening to music?

    If you are not disturbing others, which one of these would you prefer to use when listening to music - headphones, earbuds or speakers?


  2. Vellur profile image89
    Vellurposted 6 years ago

    Good quality headphones that do not hurt the ear would be my choice.

  3. Bmm209 profile image57
    Bmm209posted 6 years ago

    hmm. i'd prefer headphones-but only if im alone. using earbuds/earphones seem more friendly when you're around people-headphones seem to block off people completely. i think headphones work the best, though smile

  4. profile image0
    Olde Cashmereposted 6 years ago

    Gotta say a good pair of over ears headphones. Earbuds have never agreed with me, can't keep them in place.

  5. arksys profile image91
    arksysposted 6 years ago

    speakers... nothing beats the bass you feel from a decent set of speakers (approx 2000Watts).

  6. Pensive Pages profile image77
    Pensive Pagesposted 6 years ago

    Nothing beats live performance... check out my hub on it!

  7. profile image69
    Megan's Thoughtsposted 6 years ago

    When I'm at work, I have to use headphones, when I'm jogging, earbuds so they stay in better...but my favorite by far is blasting my speakers as loud as they go and singing along at the top of my lungs!! Time and place for everything smile

  8. kidd78 profile image61
    kidd78posted 5 years ago

    for me the best is headphones open back, because it gives me true sound quality in term of deatils and deeper bass effect.