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Should the United States resort to isolationism?

  1. WindMaestro profile image60
    WindMaestroposted 6 years ago

    Should the United States resort to isolationism?

    Before it becomes stretched too thin?

  2. bill yon profile image74
    bill yonposted 6 years ago

    If by isilationism you mean should we tend to our business first before tending to someone else's, I would say yes. Running around the world giving away billions of dollars and outsourcing  badly needed jobs to third world countries at a time when the United States is right above the recession line is a dumb thing to do. We have  been in  a war for ten years and all past wars have been good for the economy, but not this one. That is because all the things that the military needs to fight this war on terror has been outsourced to other countries like China. This  whole Globilisation  thing  is a very  bad  idea  and  so  was The  North American Free Trade Agreement. These two  things are  the  real  killers of  the economy. When  I  was  growing up the United States was a Produceing nation meaning we produced products to sell to the world  now  we  are a consumer nation because we outsource products to be made in other countries and then turn right around and buy  it  back. This  is crazy  The United  States  needs to become a Producer instead of the world biggest consumer.Corparations are traitors to the American people  and need to reevaluate  their principles and keep these jobs at home in the  US instead  of  outsourcing everything just so they can make a few extra bucks off the backs of  Third  World  children.

  3. someonewhoknows profile image73
    someonewhoknowsposted 6 years ago

    We,would be more Independent if we didn't have to Import so much.
    More of our money would stay here to be used locally.and we,wouldn't have most of our clothes coming from elsewhere either and made at such deflated prices that don't pay their employees much.
    I know it's good for the bottom line ,but it keeps the workers poorer in every country theirs and ours.
    The corporations it's stockholders and the CEO's as well as wallstreet brokers make a killing.
    This may only be temporary as eventually those countries empoyees will want more than what they have now and that would mean higher prices all around.

    Our leaders have been on the opposite side of the spectrum for so many years now.Isolationism is the last thing on their minds.
    A new Roman Empire is what they want and It,appears thats what we have been doing with each and every war.We enter into new countries with the Idea of making them a Democracy when in fact a Democracy is not possible without a truely civiiized society ,which I doubt we have even now.
    We,have disposed of Democratically elected leaders elsewhere when it suits us economically.Don't we?



  4. Wayne Brown profile image82
    Wayne Brownposted 6 years ago

    Isolationism in its truest form would be very hard on the citizentry as well as the businesses of America.  We would be cuttin off all import and export of products.  That means we would rely on our own resources to supply the entire nation. In some cases that will not be enough, at least not for the short-term, as in fuel for our cars.  Once that fact was established, pricing would skyrocket as would demand and one would tend to drive the other in the chaos.  Our military would pull back to within our own borders, leaving our soil the first place on which we would fight any wars that came our way. If isolation is what we sought, then we would not be interfering in other problems of the world leaving those issues to other nations and people who have some selfish vested interest which might end in the kiling and destruction of inoccent populations. As those actions took place and more of these rogue nations began to feel their oats, the thought of attacking the USA would not be so daunting any longer and we could see frequent incursions onto our shores.  While it seems that isolation would drive us to better ourselves, that would be long in coming and the wait might just lead us to destroy ourselves in the process. Isolationism can be very dangerous. WB

  5. profile image0
    Old Empresarioposted 6 years ago

    Yes, because isolationism does not mean that we don't trade with other nations. It just means that we do not get directly involved in their military and political affairs. We'll follow the doctrine of George Washington--stay out of entangling alliances and foreign wars. He still signed treaties of amity, trade, and commerce with the nations of Europe, which has nothing to do with military alliances.

    Yes, the price of gas will go up for us. But that is not the world's problem. It's ours and we don't get the right to oppress other nations just because we want something that they have. The US has become a rogue nation that does whatever it wants. In 30 years since we knew the price of oil was going to start increasing, we could have developed alternate forms of energy. We didn't; so too bad. Now Muslims want to attack our government.