Does the world belong to the United States of America?

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  1. ScarletRyan1970 profile image59
    ScarletRyan1970posted 14 years ago

    Does the world belong to the United States of America?

  2. Dark knight rides profile image60
    Dark knight ridesposted 14 years ago

    Why answer your own question? No the world doesn't belong to the US.  But we chose to take the role as a superpower and lend our strength and aid to any country that needs it. Many see that as the US trying to dominate but I see it as trying to help others. And of course we encourage other nations to adopt our systems, they've worked for us for years.

  3. Mr. Happy profile image69
    Mr. Happyposted 14 years ago

    The world belongs to the people who live on it; not to any nation or tribe or any single group of people. The world is a "house" for all humans. The United States having military bases in over 67 countries all over this planet is what is driving people against it and raising the "temperature" level. That and the fact that it tries to impose its economic and political system on others ... hopefully enough Americans will understand this to force their government to abandon its colonialist foreign policy.

  4. carolina muscle profile image66
    carolina muscleposted 14 years ago

    Speaking as an American veteran, I wish we'd spend a lot more time and resources on domestic problems, and give the United Nations a chance to live up to it's real potential.

  5. xriotdotbiz profile image57
    xriotdotbizposted 14 years ago

    I agree with Carolina Muscle, we need to worry about the domestic issues and get out of the world cop business.  I would be all for getting out of every country where we have a base, and put the money into paying down our debt.  Plus, the money we do put into bases and soldiers would be better spent in US communities.

    If we need to deploy overseas, we can do it from the US.  Much of the early bombing down in Iraq was done from sorties based in the US.  Most of the soldiers came from the US and not overseas bases.  Oversea bases came from the WWII era when soldiers traveled by boat and bombers did not have midair fueling or world-wide range.

  6. outdoorsguy profile image61
    outdoorsguyposted 14 years ago

    oh to see the day,   when America stops sending money to 120 countrys as Aid.  to see the day when the UN no longer has American money to function.   

    oh to see the day, when people stop screaming for US help when some thing happens in their own country.   

    yep the world will be a great place when all those other nations that hate or just dislike the US,  can pay their own way.  fight their own wars and police their own terrorists and criminals.

    Does American own the world.  no.. should it.. as many Nations and people scream for our helps  maybe we should. 

    what exactly has the UN done.   passes resolutions, sends a few peacekeepers it pulls out as soon as there is real shooting. 

    I agree  let the world solve its own problems.  maybe then history will look back and say it was a better place when America took an active interest.   oh wait it did right after World war two.

  7. 2besure profile image81
    2besureposted 14 years ago

    No the world does not belong to the US.  We think it does, we say it does, but the reality is America is weaker than she has been at any other time in history.  Would a great democratic nation like the US has to borrow from a Communist nation (China) to survive?  The handwriting is on the wall.

  8. cjhunsinger profile image59
    cjhunsingerposted 14 years ago

    Certainly America is not America. What is left of America has nothing to do with the American Constitution which defines us and the nation. Perhaps a more fitting question would be; Does the world belong to the Socialists? The answer, I think, would be yes, as America and the Western world now operate under those precepts. Please do not confuse the deceit of socialism to the principles of the Constitution.

  9. C.A. Johnson profile image68
    C.A. Johnsonposted 14 years ago

    George Washington warned as he left the presidential off to avoid long term entanglements with allies and to avoid excessive party separation because both would lead to the downfall of the governmental structure. I agree with him. If the US government was not so busy minding everyone else's business then we might be able to fix what wrong with our economy, our energy issues, and the rest of our problems. The bonus to minding our own business and tending to our own affairs would result in less hardship and less loss of life.

    I am the mother of an Army Private and would like to see all of our military home where they belong instead of fighting in police actions that holds little promise of success and result in the death of loved ones. By having our military on home soil we would have the means to deal with internal drug wars, immigration and be able to provide assistance when disaster occurs whether it is an act of God or man made.


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