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What do you think is a positive solution for homelessness?

  1. auntypeanut profile image60
    auntypeanutposted 6 years ago

    What do you think is a positive solution for homelessness?

    I try to do my part in aiding homeless people; as a writer I sometimes sit down and listen to stories from people off the street. The answers that I get most generally are along the same lines. Childhood abuse and then escape through drugs are not uncommon themes. I'm especially interested in this topic as my life could have gone in a similar direction at one point or another. I think the answer lays in prevention? But how. I'd love to hear your views.

  2. nightwork4 profile image59
    nightwork4posted 6 years ago

    there is no solution. many people want to be homeless. society thinks that these homeless folks are like that because they can't afford to live anywhere but in many cases it's because they don't want to live anywhere.

  3. Mr-Yo LV profile image56
    Mr-Yo LVposted 6 years ago

    I've actually had thought about this when I was younger.  To counter poverty or provide for the poor, you'd need large amount of resources.  Many are greedy and power hungry in this world, and can give a rats ass about others except themselves.  I don't understand how some people can have enough bills to wrap around the earth multiple times and not think once about what he/she can do to counter this problem we have in society.

    If I was able to generate large enough income from the interests that I earn from savings funds, loans, etc., I'd be more than gladly to put aside some money to build a facility to give the homeless a second chance. 

    A good way to train these homeless people is to offer a rewards program where one would have to do certain chores to get fed or earn a wage.  Most homeless are depressed so treatments on depression is a must.  These homeless are used to people handing out food and money to them that they think they'll always get fed.

    You must think twice before offering your help to these bums.  I live in Vegas and I see a lot of scams going on the streets.  I've  gave money to bums who I thought were real bums but then later realized it was their job because I'd see same guys I gave money to gambling on my craps table.  It's true that some bum look-alikes make a good living acting like bums on the sidewalks or highways.

    Nightwork4, I'd have to disagree with you.  There is a solution for this, most people just don't care about them.

  4. beyoulou profile image60
    beyoulouposted 10 months ago

    I have to agree with nightwork 4 in that many homeless people choose to live like that, I have volunteered in a shelter for 18months, and the vast majority have drug and/or alcohol problems and they live in what I can only describe as a sub-culture where like meets like and the streets become kind of like an institution to these people. I am NOT suggesting that this is true for all homeless people, some have done their best to keep a roof over their and their families heads, but extenuating circumstances {such as loss of spouse and/or income} have given them little option.
    The solution is very complex and multi-faceted. Education is a big factor, because there are always kids who for one reason or another falls through the cracks. My daughter was just telling me the other day how this boy in her year had been expelled from several schools in the area, this boy is only 9!! what sort of future does a child like this have if the schools fail to see him as a troubled child rather than a child who causes trouble? It is far easier to move wayward kids like him on than it is to look at the broader picture and assess why they are the way we they are. Maybe their parents are also troubled and are quite possibly repeating the same negative patterns they were subjected to in their childhood. I can see how this train of thought is opening up another can-of-worms and is possibly why it is difficult for society to address, but we have to start somewhere. compassion and kindness go a long way.