By 2040 US national debt will reach 35 Trillion dollars. What do you think shoul

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  1. terrektwo profile image78
    terrektwoposted 11 years ago

    By 2040 US national debt will reach 35 Trillion dollars. What do you think should be done to stop it

    Debt is set to more than double by 2040, double again by 2060 and double again by 2080. The current US national debt per tax payer in the US is $131,010 (and keep in mind this doesn't include any personal debt of every individual, just what the government has purchased on the tax payers behalf). The picture I included was the most recent picture I could find check for a realtime reading on the debt.

  2. BooksGalore profile image67
    BooksGaloreposted 11 years ago

    Cut the spending drastically and let friends, neighbors, relatives help each other instead of expecting the government to do it.  The handouts have created more problems than they have solved.

  3. profile image78
    wba108@yahoo.composted 11 years ago

    Thier is no way to slow down the national debt without making cuts and structural changes to the three largest areas of spending: defense, medicare and social security.
    Also we need to return to the Constitutional limits of our government, which doesn't permit wealth redistribution and returns power to state and local governments which in turn provides more fiscal accountibility to the poeple they represent.

  4. Mr Tindle profile image69
    Mr Tindleposted 11 years ago

    The only real solution to the debt crisis is to cut spending dramatically:

    Bring the troops home from Iraq & Afghanistan while also shutting down many of the 150 military bases around the world.

    Sell all stock the government owns in so-called private banks & autos and make a constitutional amendment that prohibits further bailouts.

    Eliminate or dramatically cut many government agencies, including the FDA, Department of Education, Homeland Security Department, FEMA, and others.

    Cut all Foreign Aid (which mostly goes to dictators anyway)

    Truly reform all welfare, by cutting the programs and allowing young people to opt out of the Social Security and Medicare programs if they choose to use private alternatives.

  5. peterxdunn profile image59
    peterxdunnposted 11 years ago

    Governments can NEVER EVER pay off the national debt because the amount of money in circulation: the money supply, is controlled by the banks (the Fed, JP Morgan, et al). The banks will always ensure that there is never enough money in circulation - at any given time - to pay off the national debt.

    The banks create money by issuing loans. Over 90% of all currency in circulation - at any given time - consists of this 'bank money' which: to you and me, should really be called 'debt money'. When a loan is agreed - the sum agreed to is called, 'the principal'. Under the fractional reserve banking system 90% of this money can then be loaned out whilst 10% must be held in reserve.

    Say a bank agrees a loan of 10,000 dollars. Once agreed this amount becomes 'new money'. As things stand the banks can now loan out 9,000 dollars of this 10,000 principal. Once the 9,000 dollar loan is agreed to this becomes 'new money and the process repeats. The original 10,000 dollar eventually leads to the creation of almost 100,000 dollars worth of 'new money'. All new money is debt. When governments bailed out the banks in 2008 they essentially nationalized all the 'toxic debt' accrued by fraudulent banking practices (the sub-prime scandal).

    So what are you going to pay off the national debt with? More debt?

    In case you haven't noticed the amount of money in circulation is rapidly contracting. This is a deliberate policy of the banks. They simply call in old loans and refuse to issue new ones. They will even refuse to issue new loans after they are given billions of dollars in taxpayers money by Ben Bananke.

    Every American President that has understood the problem and gone on to try and fix it by constituting a national bank with the monopoly power to issue currency has been assassinated: including Kennedy and Garfield.

    You do not live in a democracy. The national debt will never be paid off and there is nothing that you or your government can do about it.

  6. jtyler profile image60
    jtylerposted 11 years ago

    Here is my master plan -

    1) Don't spend more than you have.
    2) Don't waste the money you do have on corruption and non-sequitors.
    3) Don't raise the debt ceiling.
    4) Fire lazy cops and hire productive ones.
    5) Don't spend more than you have.

  7. daskittlez69 profile image67
    daskittlez69posted 11 years ago

    We don't own the money anyway, the FED does.  Let it ride!


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