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Why not Ron Paul

  1. Richard Fernandez profile image71
    Richard Fernandezposted 6 years ago

    Why not Ron Paul

    He is the candidate with the most principle.
    He can win, and he can beat Obama.
    He makes ideological sense.
    He is as healthy as a horse.
    He knows economics.


  2. Average American profile image61
    Average Americanposted 6 years ago


    Great question. Ron Paul is a principled work horse for his constituents. I'm not sure Ron Paul has ever read a poll in his life and for that he intrigues me. Mr. Paul has made clear his intentions prior to every vote and then votes exactly as he said he would. He is a known quantity for those who elected him repeatedly over the years. It is for all these reasons that I admire him greatly. However, (you knew that was coming) it is for these very same reason I could not vote for him for the White House.
    Ron Paul's ideas on America's place in the world scares the hell out of me. Not that I am a war monger  who thinks we should put our nose into every squabble around the planet, I do think we have a very real national interest in having a presence in certain areas where staples to our national defense and national life are produced. Yes I mean OIL. But I also mean commerce.
    Ron Paul has to be taken at his word that he would close just about every base open outside of the country. He has to be taken at his word that he would tell many of our allies they are on their own unless all hell breaks lose. To me that in itself would become a destabilizing force.
    I love Ron Paul on domestic issue, I really do. I think people make their way much better when they have little choice but to make their own way. It is when people rise to the occasion.
    Like I said, Ron Paul is a man of his word (admittedly, one of the very few I can think of in Washington these days) and for that reason alone, it is unfortunate that I could not vote for him for any higher an office that he currently holds.  (But I would push for him on the Supreme Court in a heartbeat!)

    I hope this wasn't too disappointing for you... He's a good man.

  3. RodEccles profile image74
    RodEcclesposted 6 years ago

    Better question, Why Ron Paul.  Yes Ron is Constitutionalist however, his stance on a number of issues boarders on insanity.  Israel is a friend of the USA and Paul's stated policies question that friendship.

    Paul seems to believe that our standing army is stupid and we should park most of our Navy and send most of our troops home to the private sector.  (Note the size of our standing army equals about 1% of our general population, which is one of the smallest ratios in the world)

    A number of other issues make Paul suspect at best and more of a nutjob Libertarian instead of a Constitutionalist.

  4. Jonesy0311 profile image60
    Jonesy0311posted 6 years ago

    Paul has been my favored candidate since I was old enough to vote. The problem is that he is a Republican and his party will never nominate someone with similar views and values. He is in fact the embodiment of what the GOP used to be, but it has lost its way. He has rallied more volunteers to his campaign than any other candidate and motivates young Americans moreso than any other. Also, I would be hard-pressed to find any politician who could effectively debate him on economics. During the debates in 2008, he embarassed everyone else with his knowledge of American history, foreign and monetary policy, and even the 9/11 Commission Report. Sadly, he would make a better independent candidate, solely for purposes of obtaining a nomination, but this would be political suicide for him.

    As a veteran, I could not agree more with his opinions of our foreign policy and standing army. We still have the same number of commanders and supervisors in our military as during WWII when our force was much much larger. This is another example of government waste. If you've never served, it's easy to disagree with him because you would have no knowledge of how the military-industrial system actually works. I encourage everyone to read "War is a Racket" by Maj. General Smedley Butler (USMC).

  5. profile image0
    Old Empresarioposted 6 years ago

    Just ignore the media and vote for the man. You're throwing your vote away if you vote for anyone else. The majority of Americans back Ron Paul, though the media shoves him aside. To Average American: you want to invade Venezuela, Libya, and Iran and steal oil and resources that belong to another nation? You want to be a rogue state that invades and takes what it wants and threatens peace in the world? That's fine. Grab and rifle and lead the way, tough guy.
    To Rodeccles: We have the most expensive military in the world 20 times over. The percentage of people serving has nothing to do with it. Military spending is crippling our economy. We have two oceans and an armed population that prevents us from invasion by a foreign army. The standing military serves no purpose to the average American. Israel can stand just fine on its own without the US deliberately screwing up their peace process with Palestine.