What makes people want to vote for Ron Paul?

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  1. DIMIR profile image80
    DIMIRposted 6 years ago

    What makes people want to vote for Ron Paul?

    I'm not asking in a politically-charged-anger-invoking way.  I am still not for him, nonetheless.  The fact is, I see a lot of intellectual voters and youth choosing to support him.  Researching his past, I've come on things I don't feel comfortable with, but I still feel like maybe there is something I'm missing.  I'm sure (very sure) there are some opinionated hubbers out there ready to yell... but please don't type in all caps!

  2. Credence2 profile image79
    Credence2posted 6 years ago

    People are seriously looking at Paul simply because the two major parties appear disfunctional and in many ways share some of the basic problems with the system in common. Tweedle dum and Tweedle dee, I am not for Libertarianism, but I respect the people that are willing to entertain a radical departure from business as usual.

  3. LoriSoard profile image71
    LoriSoardposted 6 years ago

    Interesting perspectives on this. I like the discussion here and that it is civil (so far anyway). I strongly disagree with him on some issues and he will not be my choice in the primary, but I do like his idea of less government interference. If nothing else, I believe his being in the race brings to light many of our constitutional rights that are being violated. If he is the Republican nominee, I will vote for him. I agree with what Credence said. I think the fact that he is a bit outside the two major parties is what makes him attractive to people. I think we're all fed up with the Washington game that go on at our expense.

  4. Wayne Brown profile image83
    Wayne Brownposted 6 years ago

    Ron Paul has a lot of appeal which is driven by his stand on fiscal policy and domestic politics.  The response to him shows how many people really want to see change in that arena and they see Paul and the only candidate with the courage to attack it.  On that basis, they latch on to him hoping that he will make what he espouses come true in that perspective.  At the same time, they tend to ignore his international perspective because all of that is secondary to our current issues of survival as a country.  Still, though the priority might be lower, international politics cannot be discounted in the overall picture especially when you are facing an opponent who will exploit your stance.  In the case of Paul, his international approach is one of isolationism.  While that sounds good in terms of divesting ourselves of world problems, in the end, it only serves to bring many of those problems to our shores where we have to face them in a more mature state since we chose to ignore them early on.  This becomes Paul's true Achillles Heel in the race for the White House.

    You might remember that Perot had a similar circumstances when Bush Sr. was running fo re-election.  Like Paul, Perot had many charts and graphs concerned primarily with domestice issues and an out of control government that was bent on spending.  Eventually Perot, though a conservative, ran as an independent because he could not secure the Republican nomination.  The same will be true for Paul in the end.  Perot's ego was large and he was truly convinced that he could fix the country.  I actually think that he really believed that he could win just as Paul and his supporters do today.  In the end, Perot splintered the conservative voting base between himself and Bush and basically handed the victory to Bill Clinton.  The same will be true if Paul takes the independent route to achieve the presidency...at some point his isolationist leanings will cost him and he will ended up simply playing the roll of spoiler and placing Obama back into office for another term.  Let's hope and pray that Dr. Paul has more common sense and that his perference for conservative politics override his ego for a presidential victory for himself.  WB

  5. EstellaGrace profile image61
    EstellaGraceposted 6 years ago

    The greatest appeal Ron Paul has for me, is plain and simple:  He's not selling me on anything!  Every other candidate I have EVER watched uses the phrase "If I'm elected President" or "When elected President" or "If you vote for me"... and on and on.  If these candidates had anything true, honest, and real to bring to the table, they would not waste time telling people how great it will be.... once they are elected.
    Ron Paul, understands the basics of this country's Constitution, and I absolutely 100% believe that he intends to follow it.  He is a self-made man, a doctor, husband and father.  We could use a few more Ron Paul's if you ask me!

    If the government would abide by the Constitution, and only the Constitution, there would be many freedoms left untouched, and many great opportunities for people to self-sustain in any way they chose.  That's what America is all about!  Being who you are, and doing what you want, barring an act of violence or treason.
    People who think the government should "fix" things that are wrong with the system don't understand it's true role.  The government doesn't just HAVE money, they take it from you and me.  They don't just hand out social security checks, or welfare assistance, bailouts, or even tax refunds.  They don't just HAVE those funds,  they take them from us!  Well, maybe if they got their hands out of our pockets and just did the job they promised to do which is to UPHOLD THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, there would be far fewer messes to be cleaned up!  Government is made up of humans, plain and simple.  We've all known enough people to know that we are dangerous to ourselves and eachother.  Generally as a society, we protect our own, and it works as long as everyone is doing it.  Of course we help our neighbors when there is danger, but for the most part we mind our own business, and live our lives how we see fit. 

    Ron Paul is definitely the way to go.  The only people who won't like what he does for this country are the ones on welfare who don't contribute anything to the system in the first place.  Do us tax paying citizens really care that they can't afford to get their kid an XBOX for Christmas because they have to pay their OWN bills?  I sure don't! No kid NEEDS and XBOX, and no mother NEEDS fake nails.  These are extras, in a more luxurious lifestyle, if YOU can afford it.


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