Is the number of shopping carts not returned properly a reflection of our societ

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  1. aygabtu profile image67
    aygabtuposted 6 years ago

    Is the number of shopping carts not returned properly a reflection of our society?

    We've all gone to the grocery store and seen shopping carts scattered around.  Some of us have even had our cars hit by them.  What does that say about our society when we are too lazy or inconsiderate to not walk an extra 20 feet to return a shopping cart to a safe location?

  2. marwan asmar profile image78
    marwan asmarposted 6 years ago

    Yes, it is a reflection of our society. Not bothering to send the cart shows maliase on our part which we can't get away from because of so  many factors related to our socialization process, our work and how we deal with others.

  3. Doc Snow profile image94
    Doc Snowposted 6 years ago

    Well, I suppose the answer is 'yes'--how a society deals with the everyday surely must reflect its beliefs and values more generally, even if the link isn't always direct and easy to draw.  Perhaps that's why I make the small effort to handle 'my' grocery carts in a considerate way.

    That said, I think that there are much more important indicators of where we are socially--say, the numbers of homeless people, and the often-condemnatory way in which they are treated, just to take one example.

    I heard an interview on the radio today with a 60-ish lady who's living in shelters since being laid off from her job in the recession, so as not to burden her daughters and their families.  She talked about standing by the roadside one day in her business 'interview suit' with a sign to find an odd job so she could buy her daughter a birthday card.

  4. lburmaster profile image81
    lburmasterposted 6 years ago

    That we are pathetic. We are more concerned about ourselves than the convenience of others.

  5. aygabtu profile image67
    aygabtuposted 6 years ago

    iburmaster, not just convenience of others, leaving them out in the middle of the parking lot is a safety concern and causes property damage.  I've seen them roll down parking lots that have a slight slope.  Any guess what ends up stopping them?  Yep, your car. Unfortunately the person that left the cart is long gone.  You are the one left with a nice ding on your car because someone was either too lazy or inconsiderate to spend the extra 10 seconds to return the cart to a cart return area.  Don't people realize or care that this may happen?

  6. onegoodwoman profile image73
    onegoodwomanposted 6 years ago

    Now, that you asked............I think that it might be!

    We are stressed
    We are in a rush
    We are overburnded by time constraints, and appointments
    We are inconsiderate of others
    We expect others to pick up or clean up after us and the messes we make

    Personally speaking, I shop at the local, privately owned grocery store.  The prices are a bit higher.........but they ask " paper or plastic".........the stock boy or young man, offers to carry my groceries out...........many, times, I allow him to do so..........but sometimes, I manage to say........" no reason for both of us to get wet" .........

    Then, I drive a few  yards over to the same owned gas station............where they pump the gas, " for the elderly and the unescorted women"............I ALWAYS fill the need to trouble the gent for $10.00~~ if the weahter is really bad, I will offer a small tip............even so, it is most often, a few cents less than the city wide PPG. is worth paying a few mere cents for!

    Pay for the service, or , do the leg work yourself.  Fair play, is after all, fair play.

  7. Melissa McClain profile image68
    Melissa McClainposted 6 years ago

    Yep...lazy, inconsiderate, rude, selfish....that's what we are as a society.  Our laziness also contributes to the fact that most people would rather drive around a parking lot for five minutes waiting for a parking spot to open up close to the store rather than just spending those extra few minutes walking.  What's wrong with walking a little further? It's good for your health!


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