How do you view the environment?

  1. Wildchild87 profile image60
    Wildchild87posted 6 years ago

    How do you view the environment?

    Healthy, unhealthy, or in the middle?  How do you think the government should address our environmental issues?

  2. Larry Fields profile image79
    Larry Fieldsposted 6 years ago

    I view the set of all environmental issues as a very mixed bag. There are legitimate ones, like water management. Others, like Global Warming, are 100% pure BS. Unfortunately not all environmental issues are easy for non-specialists to sort out. On top of that, there are advocates of evidence-based environmental policy, like Jennifer Marohasy, on the one hand. And there are some very dishonest people who wrap themselves in the Gaia flag, on the other hand. In order to evaluate a typical environmental issue, you've gotta have scientific literacy and well-above-average analytical abilities. If you're considering involvement in a given environmental cause, and don't have the time to do your homework, a good rule of thumb is that the legitimacy of that issue is inversely proportional to the number of scary headlines about it. The bottom line: There are are no sucker-proof environmental issues.