1. Saeed Ahmed Jatak profile image60
    Saeed Ahmed Jatakposted 5 years ago

    If you look more or less around you, then you will definitely find plastic products in some cases. Example: If you have a phone, it is widely used in plastic. Your computer, Many foods that are packed in plastic boxes, many shopping bags around you, cold drinks bottles, are made of plastic. Small children's toys are mostly made of plastic. The question is, what is this plastic?

    Most of the plastic is made of artificially chemical combinations. Plastic has two main features. Its most important feature is that it can be easily molded in any form. The plastic is also used to because it is cheap and can easily be bought. Many dishes of home-made use are made from plastic only. One of the reasons for common use is it is reliable.

    Undoubtedly, Plastic is a useful and Efficient; but increasing environmental issues is the major reason for pollution. This is the second biggest feature of plastic that most of it cannot be finished even after that is spoiled. Because, there is no creature on earth that can eat plastic. Almost all human-made things are broken down Because of these glands, which naturally eat this thing as a foodstuff and it starts molding. It's a clear example of steel that becomes rusty.

    Here's the question that what to do with used, ghastly plastic? The answer is clear and easy. You can say it can be reused using recycle. This is definitely true but there is a lot of plastic that cannot be easily recycled such plastic is generally thrown into the worm, on the streets and routes, in the canals and rivers or on the beach.

    Chlorine mixed plastic, when covered in dust, then adds a harmful chemical to the surrounding soil. These chemicals also affect underground water and other nearby water sources. Crash land container debris has a different type of plastic filled in. When the plastic container is filling the ground so, this plastic produces very harmful bacteria, which produces odd and smell gas, which is a major cause of global warming in the atmosphere of the earth.

    According to an estimation in 2012, about 165 million tonnes of plastic was cased pollution in all the oceans of the world. One reason for plastic pollution on the beaches and seas is also a plastic granny that is transported through oceans. Every year, many billion plastic quilts fall during the sea trade. Estimated, 10 percent of the globally coastal is grimy due to the plastic. Furthermore, the people coming to the beach also throw plastic bags and food boxes along with them.

    Due to plastic, ocean-borne pollution is also dangerous and toxic for humans as well. Many sea animals eat Plastics as food. For example, marine turtle often dies for that they eat plastic instead of food which destroys their digestive system. Due to plastic pollution in the oceans, about four million marine mammals die each year.

    How can plastic pollution be prevented or reduced? In response to this question, we can adopt four ways that we can save our environment from plastic pollution to a large extent. Firstly, buy at least those things that do not fit plastic. We can also buy glass made cold drinks bottles rather than plastic. It would be clear that it will not buy plastic, nor will we throw it out of the house after use. Secondly why not just like past, glass bottles and utensils are used instead of plastic.

    Third That plastic should be recycled. Fourth is to avoid using the plastic. Clothing bags are used instead of plastic bags. Plastic bags or bottles should not be used for carrying food, food items, such as milk, yogurt, tea or any other. These four methods are also called four R's (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Refuse).

    Scientists are now researching that somehow the plastic can be made from plants Which can be made to store bags and food items for purchase Those can be used as plant fertilizers after use. In other words, it can be said that will be dissolved by some germs. It is called biodegradable. If plastic made of petroleum is non-biodegradable. It cannot be dissolved from any germs.


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