Drugs seem to be everywhere and everybody,How did you get the X in X addict?

  1. davenmidtown profile image86
    davenmidtownposted 6 years ago

    Drugs seem to be everywhere and everybody,How did you get the X in X addict?

  2. shannonerwin1 profile image58
    shannonerwin1posted 6 years ago

    so if i said x addict my apologies. Your never truly an x addict . Im always going to have "the beast of burden on my back" and struggle everyday . I've been to prisons jail multiple time because of my  addiction . This time was very different thoe . Why ? because all my life i was bottom feeding as my big brother put it and this time (no bullshit) i found god and my fiance that has given me a new family its incredible. No not children ive lost two through my addiction but a mother a father cousins stuff i never had but most importantly love. Love helps everyone heal but i really found god .No im not perfect i still have faults but i look to help people .There was never any real purpose in my life and now there is .I have to thank my famly and my new found church (CHURCH ON THE ROCKS) im as tated back as they come and its ok our pastor has tats i dont fell like i dont belong . Everyday its hard but with my days full of love thats all that matters i do good deeds . my heart is good and my addictions come last but they really come first thats how i work on myself with gods help.i can say thoe that im not really into n.a i do better with my chruch but ive got to do the program so itll be christian based (i never thought i'd say that)

  3. apitacc profile image59
    apitaccposted 6 years ago

    To me there were no such thing as "X addict or X user", That why we use the term people who used drug so in general it cover every situation. Whether you are still using or stop for a while or stop forever  you are still people who (had) use drug, forever until you die. That the fact we can't denial it, even if you denial people around you still remember & will not stop to remember & discriminate you (this is what happen in my country but maybe not in other place).
    So from my point of view , we are not entitle for that X.