Faced with the recent global events, the question now is 'Is Uncle Sam getting t

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  1. Enock Vera profile image66
    Enock Veraposted 6 years ago

    Faced with the recent global events, the question now is 'Is Uncle Sam getting too old?'.

  2. peanutroaster profile image69
    peanutroasterposted 6 years ago

    I think you need to clarify.  Uncle Sam the fictional character was old to begin with.  Do you mean give him a make over like they gave Betty Crocker?

  3. marwan asmar profile image77
    marwan asmarposted 6 years ago

    Maybe Uncle Sam is getting too old. But the fact is he can't keep rattling the stick because at the end he will suffer like he did in Iraq and Afghanistan. The problem is the old uncle has continued to overstrech himself to the degree now he is in fear of snapping and no longer able to act either abroad or domestically. Meanwhile there are powers in the world who might be coming too big for their boots, and even challenging a weak Uncle Sam. Today, he is in the an unviable situation of can't even extend a helping hand to his European friends who are swimming in hot waters because Uncle is getting too old and unweildy as he finds himself unable to deal with the problems of the American man-in-the-street simply because he is ridden by too much external debt and too little public expenditure.

  4. Enock Vera profile image66
    Enock Veraposted 6 years ago

    I would like to think that we all know that 'Uncle Sam' is the personification of America. With the recent wars and conflicts, it seems, much like the old British Empire, that Uncle Sam is overstreched and losing his grip on world hegemony. Now thats not to confuse it with America being a second rate superpower, but its to say that other countries can now easily contend with dear old Uncle Sam i.e. China

  5. whonunuwho profile image77
    whonunuwhoposted 6 years ago

    No, Uncle Sam just needs a face lift! By this I mean that this nation needs to cut back on a lot of wasteful spending and address the basic needs of the people . Stop out processing and become more independent like we used to be when we were stronger in the economy. Economies have come and gone and will always need adjustment at some point in order to deal with the times that they represent, and needs of the people. This country is still the greatest country in the world and we need to start acting like it! Forget the bull you hear on the tube and media, who have their own individual axes to grind! We need far- thinking and practical people to lead us into a productive and strong future that we are capable to achieve!


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