Does Separation of Church and State Keep the U.S. from becoming a country like S

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  1. Peter Leeper profile image78
    Peter Leeperposted 6 years ago

    Does Separation of Church and State Keep the U.S. from becoming a country like Syria or Afganistan?

    Does Separation of Church and State Keep the U.S. from becoming a country like Syria or Afganistan?Or, would having religion in lockstep with U.S. policy work because it is a majority Christian country?

  2. DIYmyOmy profile image72
    DIYmyOmyposted 6 years ago

    Those who framed our Constitution lived during an age when religious intolerance dominated world events, causing war after war after war and the deaths of multitudes. They understood on a personal level what can happen when the politically ambitious convince people that god is on their side and use religion to justify persecution and genocide. That's why they made the separation of church and state a keystone in our Constitution.

    The line between religious belief (or the lack thereof) and governmental policy needs to be clear and firmly defended.

    I find recent trends towards blurring that line increasingly alarming. It is especially troubling that the same people who champion strict Constitutionalism in some situations are willing to ignore its most key component when it suits their agenda.

  3. Khal Blogo profile image60
    Khal Blogoposted 6 years ago

    The separation of church and state refers to not put the government under the control of a religious institution or vice-versa. Putting religious ideals in public policy does not break that principle. If the laws of the land are not based on the beliefs of the majority, then society will not function.  Also, i think you're making a mistake about Syria. The syrian gov. (Assad&co.) are not islamists, they are baath-ists, which is a left-wing pan-arabist ideology.

  4. Peter Leeper profile image78
    Peter Leeperposted 6 years ago

    Khal,  Thanks for your response.

    I didn't however say that Syria is any particular religion but that their government is based on a religious ideology.  I am not interested in left vs. right wing but more about the pros and cons of a non separated state from church control.  Are Baathists not usually from a particular sect of muslim religious ideology that clashes with other sects?  i.e. the sects that divide up Iraq?

  5. elijahtruth profile image60
    elijahtruthposted 6 years ago

    America has never separated Church from state, but state from church, that is what the constitution says/means is church cannot be controlled or removed or ruled over by the state, and is its own entity, but always made sure all knew that God is the State of America!  Atheists attacking and marching in washington.D.C. many are starting new sites for the debate of God's proof and their denial of God, go to the newly Published The Historian Faith and Atheism Debate Symposium at google search or on the links at bottom of the page at … ATION-107, along with other sites of truth/proof of God, beyond a shadow of doubt!  Respect


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