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Is the Darwin's theory of evolution really against what is in the Bible?

  1. Nomascus concolor profile image60
    Nomascus concolorposted 5 years ago

    Is the Darwin's theory of evolution really against what is in the Bible?

    Is there room for interpretation regarding Adam and Eve and the creation of the world or is it very literal to you?

  2. loveofnight profile image81
    loveofnightposted 5 years ago

    Some people believe, in order to except Darwin's theory of evolution we have to dismiss creation (which is of God). But  just suppose that both are right, that evolution and creation walked hand in hand. Suppose the big bang theory was merely God manipulating the elements........there-by giving way to creation, just suppose......

  3. profile image51
    joe scaliseposted 5 years ago

    There are many innacuracies or exagerations in the bible.  There is no evidence to support most of the biblical stories although many have valuable morals to their stories. The bible has man made distortions to man made writings.that jeopardizes the vearcit of biblical writings.  How could the garden of Eden be a paradise if their existed a forbidden fruit or an evil serpent and how can we view God as merciful if the first infraction committed by Adam and Eve garner apunishment of eternal torturee bt fire for all those who are not baptized or die with a mortal sin on their soul.  Most of the stories in the bible contradict an omnipotent God.  I find it more logical for humans to adapt and evolve than for Noah to gather two of each species....an impossible task.

  4. elijahtruth profile image60
    elijahtruthposted 5 years ago

    Nomascus Concolor has asked a great question which has now been answered truly by what??? Science!"  Go to the Hub Page at http://elijahtruth.hubpages.com/hub/THE … LATION-107 and also to youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16hAjZuCnTo on the Hub page are links to undeniable truths, and on the Proof in the news and science page as the prophecy and the signs page are signs of this day!

    On the Prophecy and the Signs page are signs of waking and gathering which have been prewritten therein for now over three years and more, and are the likes of the Japan quake and tidal wave to the Virginia/Washington D.C. quake to the Record disturbances on the Sun that are now being recorded each day such as the largest solar hurricane ever recorded and flare of record! With many other signs that have come and are now coming!

      BUT if you go to the Darwin page you will find that the smallest prophet of God has researched and feels greatly that Darwin developed a science for God by God's direction, and Darwin failed in his battle with satan Matthew 4:1-10!  Go examine all pages and links within the sites and go view the youtube of the now end of death Rev:21:4.... { THE Targum page is also very interesting as all pages and links } A Great question fitting of a Great Answer!  Respect to all of God's seed/ Adam's seed....

  5. B M Gunn profile image59
    B M Gunnposted 2 years ago

    Yes, evolution does contradict the story of The Garden of Eden.

    First of all, if you try to interpret the bible literally, then every scientific fact that we know of today would contradict the bible. Us knowing that the earth is round would contradict the bible. Only the minority of Christian take scripture seriously.

    But with the story of Adam and Eve, people are so desperate to find a way to make the story work, that they try to dress it up as an elaborate metaphor. They say "Well hey, maybe those days are Eons or Ages or whatnot!"

    The garden of Eden myth, you see, still does not work in this context either. We can see this with simple logic.

    So lets assume that each day is at LEAST a couple hundred million years. On the third day, vegetation was created. Then a couple hundred million years after, THE SUN was created on the fourth day. How those plants were supposed to photosynthesize in dark for millions of years is beyond me.

    Also, if Adam and Eve are metaphors, and never truly existed, we can safely assume that magical trees and talking snakes never existed either. But without these magical trees and talking snakes, and without Adam and Eve, there would be no ORIGINAL SIN.

    And without Original Sin...why would we need a Messiah?

    And With that, Christianity itself falls apart at its foundation.