How often should Executive Orders be issued?

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  1. breathe2travel profile image80
    breathe2travelposted 6 years ago

    How often should Executive Orders be issued?

    Do you think a US President should issue Executive Orders simply because Congress is not in agreement with his agenda?

  2. myers092 profile image60
    myers092posted 6 years ago

    They should never be issued because the president does not have the right by the Constitution to create law.  That power was given to the legislative branch of our government, which in turn makes all of these departments inside of the executive branch invalid also.

  3. Mary Neal profile image61
    Mary Nealposted 6 years ago

    We don't need any more Executive Orders. The ones I read about lately that passed and are being considered are sources of concern for people who care about liberty and justice. Regarding the Peacetime Martial Law Executive Order that was signed in March, Joe Wolverton, II, wrote:

    President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order on March 16 giving the White House absolute control over all the country’s natural resources in case of a natural disaster or during a time of war ... the President granted to himself the authority to approve the dispensing of all domestic energy, production, transportation, food, and water supplies as he deems necessary to protect national security."

    It is my understanding that an Executive Order being considered now would surrender American sovereignty over our oceans to the UN. I suppose that means NATO troops, including soldiers from China and other countries, would be patrolling the waters near America. It was only last October that I read a threat toward America issued by China saying it would side with Iran if America initiated military action against that country. Why would anyone want to put other countries in a better position to attack America if future conflicts arise?

    An Executive Order I was enthusiastic about was one the president signed in January 2009 to strengthen the Freedom of Information Act. That was back when we were led to anticipate a more open government. Enforcement of that Executive Order is needed, unless it was retracted and the media did not cover its nullification.

  4. American View profile image59
    American Viewposted 6 years ago

    An executive order should be used rarely, not an everyday occurance.

  5. profile image0
    Fatigmonposted 6 years ago

    Executive orders are not constitutional and they are Obama's way around a congress that won't do anything thereby eliminating our constitutional checks and balances.

  6. profile image0
    Larry Wallposted 6 years ago

    Presidents have been issuing executive orders for decades. As the head of the executive branch of the government he does control the bureaucracy and therefore can issue executive orders. As Commander in Chief he can issue executive orders.

    To answer your questions, executive orders should only be issued in times of emergency and not used to advance a political agenda or to block the action of Congress.


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