Can America and Russia bounce back?or Powers of yesteryear and undertake Global

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    pramodgokhaleposted 5 years ago

    Can America and Russia bounce back?or Powers of yesteryear and undertake Global responsibilities?,

    Without prejudice without bias, I look to isms, but not a crony or flattering any one, both nations have ability and experience to beat the crisis.In 1930 The Great Depression USA survived, USSR destruction in the WW-II rebuilt by efforts and dedicated people. After the WW-II cold war period they have had success and failure.The world is going Multi polar , prediction. Inbuilt capacity , huge material resources and lead in science and technology Both nations can regain lost glory.
    It is personal opinion.

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    junksellerposted 5 years ago

    America still has a lot going for it. We still have tremendous universities. A highly skilled and productive workforce. Lots of open land and resources. A strong geostrategic position in terms of national defense. We are on a continent with a lot of upside potential. We are still pretty free.  Culturally relevant. Lots of innovators. Largest, most powerful military in the world (and will be for at least several decades). And though people complain about immigration, it is what allows us to have a culturally sustainable growth rate, unlike many of the European nations (and Russia) which quite frankly are getting old, especially relative to areas like China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. We also face some significant challenges. Many social indicators are at the bottom of the pack of industrialized nations. Global Warming. Economic stagnation, etc. We need to make decisions to remain world leaders. It remains to be seen whether we do.

    I know little about Russia. They also have lots of land and resources and they have had a strong science and technology tradition going back many decades. To me though, Russia has two serious problems. First, their geostrategic position is a nightmare. They have a massive border with lots of nations that present significant challenges. And second, they have a population problem. It is small, growing only slightly if at all, and is getting old. If you start to compare the number of people in the workforce and the size of the more culturally significant youth populations to other nations, I just don't see how they regain a position anywhere near what they once had. Maybe with a progressive leader, but Putin seems to be the opposite.

    I think Russia will be a second tier power behind China, India, the US, the EU, and Brazil.