How China won the Cultural Revolution in America

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  1. Ken Burgess profile image77
    Ken Burgessposted 6 weeks ago

    For a generation some of the most well-regarded minds in the West (IE – Henry Kissinger) believed that robust economic engagement with China would lead the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to open its economy and financial markets and in turn to liberalize its political system and abide by the rule of law.

    Not only did those reforms not occur, some of the most powerful and influential financiers and investors fell in love with the Chinese model of governance and worked behind the scenes to bring China’s form of ‘cultural revolution’ to America.

    Today from Larry Fink (BlackRock) to Bob Iger (Disney) they have pushed extreme cultural deconstruction efforts and progressive agendas within the companies they control as well as more behind the scenes efforts in State and Federal politics.

    Billionaire Charlie Munger the longtime business partner of Warren Buffett, often praised communist China and Chinese companies stating they were stronger than American companies.

    Billionaire Elon Musk, the Tesla and Space X boss, has praised Chinese workers and says that in comparison, Americans try avoiding work:

    “I think there will be some very strong companies coming out of China, there is just a lot of super-talented hardworking people in China who strongly believe in manufacturing,” he added.

    “They won’t just be burning the midnight oil, they will be burning the 3am oil, they won’t even leave the factory type of thing, whereas in America people are trying to avoid going to work at all.”

    The CCP has pursued a multidecade campaign of economic aggression against the United States (the Western World) in the name of strategically decoupling the People’s Republic of China (PRC) from the global economy, making the PRC less dependent on the United States in critical sectors, while making the United States more dependent on the PRC.

    The budgets of U.S. universities are increasingly reliant on Chinese money, the PRC is the largest source of foreign donations to U.S. universities since 2013.  The tuition paid by Chinese students is worth an estimated $12 billion per year. Donations and contracts made by Chinese sources are over half a billion per year.

    A 2020 State Department warning about Chinese Communist Party activities at U.S. universities noted that recruits to the Thousand Talents Program must sign “legally binding contracts that often compel recipients to conceal their PRC relationships and funding, facilitate the illicit movement of intellectual capital to duplicate ‘shadow labs’ in China, recruit other talent, publish in China-based science journals, engage in activities abroad that would violate export control regulations, and influence U.S. organizations.”

    Harvard chemistry professor Charles Lieber, a recipient of substantial research grants from the National Institute of Health and the Defense Department, was charged with crimes related to not disclosing funds received from a Chinese recruitment program.

    Shortly thereafter, a similar case came to light at Emory University. Professor Xiojiang Li, and his wife, who managed the university’s neuroscience lab, were abruptly terminated when they came under federal investigation for not reporting hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants from the Chinese Academy of Science.

    The effort of the FBI and other government agencies falls under the “too little, too late” category.

    The Chinese had decades to influence and incorporate their ideals and agendas into future Professors, CEOs, government officials, etc. and they in turn, influence the direction of policy and regulations today.

    The China Scholarship Council, a non-profit organization within the Chinese Ministry of Education currently supports more than 60,000 students in the United States.

    Beijing has developed cutting-edge technologies; built high-end indigenous industrial capabilities; controlled the flow of money, technology, and data across its borders; and secured a leading position over key global value chains, thereby cultivating global dependence on it for critical goods, fulfilling General Secretary Xi’s 2020 direction to “tighten international production chains’ dependence on the PRC to form powerful countermeasures and deterrent capabilities.”

    The PRC now weaponizes that interdependence in its favor and uses it with increasing frequency to coerce the United States and our allies and partners at the expense of our national security, economic vitality, and core values.

    The CCP’s campaign of economic aggression flows directly from the Party’s ideology. Xi has made clear he believes “capitalism will inevitably perish, and socialism will inevitably triumph.”

    TO BE CONT...

  2. Ken Burgess profile image77
    Ken Burgessposted 6 weeks ago

    The Manchurian Candidate – Joe Biden

    When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

    Hunter and Joe Biden, depending on your sources and who you want to believe, received anywhere from many millions, to hundreds of millions from their dealings in Ukraine.

    Hunter and VP Biden once shared a flight to China, a few days later Hunter Biden’s investment firm (partnered with John Kerry’s son) received between 1.5 and 1.8 billion dollars from a Chinese bank, if you choose to believe what few reports there has been of it.

    Moving forward now, to Biden's Presidency.

    There was the whole abandonment of Afghanistan in a heaving rush.

    The Department of Defense estimates $7.12 billion worth of military equipment purchased by the United States was left in Afghanistan following the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. forces, others put that worth much higher, in the tens of billions.

    Not to mention the agreement made, with aid from the Biden Administration, for China to become the new caretaker (of sorts) of Afghanistan. 

    Afghanistan has some of the world's largest deposits of lithium, estimated to be worth between $1 trillion and $3 trillion.  At a time when Biden is pushing going green and the EV revolution and we are becoming more reliant on Chinese products, it seems rather odd… considering we treat them as such a threat.

    Then there is the Ukraine War.

    And the blowing up of the Nord Stream pipeline.

    Germany, and by extension the EU, never had it so good.

    Cheap energy, an abundance of fertilizer and raw materials coming from Russia.

    Then comes Biden.  Talking about supporting Zelensky in taking Crimea, a part of the Russian Republic for 8 years by that time.  Telling Ukraine to forget the Minsk Agreement.  Telling Putin there would be no negotiations, etc.

    That was terrible for the EU, and tragically worse for Ukraine.

    But China made out just wonderfully for it.

    Russia turned away from the EU, and strengthened its ties with China, India, OPEC and other non-Western nations.

    This in turn strengthened China, India and other non-Western nations, the key to economic growth is cheap energy, and Russia was now providing it to them, at the EU’s expense… at America’s expense too, as they fund a war that is only making Russia stronger globally, and makes Russia reliant on China as an ally.

    Then there was the Biden Administration’s decision to release hundreds of billions of frozen assets to Iran, that the Trump Administration had seized or sanctioned.

    Iran funds the Houthis, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.

    Iran has also been in alliance with China for well over a decade.

    In 2021 Iran and China signed a 25-year cooperation agreement, one that built on previous partnerships.  Iran is full of Chinese products and cars. Iran–China trade value reached $45 billion in 2011, in 2012 a Chinese General stated that an attack on Iran would equate to an attack on China.

           ....China’s Petrochemical Enterprise Alliance and Iran Oil Trade.... … -oil-trade

    The Biden Administration, far from being done, went out of its way to alienate and insult the Saudi Royal Family before ever getting sworn in.

    Candidate Biden Called Saudi Arabia a ‘Pariah.’  Once Biden became President, he persisted in his attacks, promising to take a harder line on the oil-rich Islamic monarchy than his predecessor Donald Trump did.

    The only problem there, is that the U.S. Dollar since 1974, due to an agreement brokered with the Saudi Royal Family, had been pegged to all Oil Trades being made in Dollars.

    In essence, the Dollar got its value in large part because the world had to trade for oil in Dollars.  This is no longer the case, thanks to Biden.

    The United Arab Emirates (whom the Biden Administration also alienated and insulted), Saudi Arabia, and Russia now trade oil in currency other than the Dollar.

    In addition to that, this January the UAE and Saudi joined the BRICS alliance.

    Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iran among six countries invited to join BRICS … index.html

    Today BRICS is a formidable group, it accounts for 41% of the world’s population, 33% of global gross domestic product and 18% of global trade.  More importantly perhaps, it now contains the top oil producers in the world (outside of North America).


    1. Castlepaloma profile image75
      Castlepalomaposted 6 weeks agoin reply to this

      The US 100 year political hatred for Russia and to degrees China.  Has driven the BRICS and members into the arms of each other. Now dominate of every energy resources and producers of natural and fossil energy. Once the west is force to looks at itself as the main source of the problem, we can turn it around.

      1. Ken Burgess profile image77
        Ken Burgessposted 6 weeks agoin reply to this

        Its not hatred.

        Its lack of respect.

        Its the misplaced belief that America is still as dominant and strong as it was in the 1950s and that Russia and China are not our equals.

        I don't know what is to come... other than struggle and hardship for the American people if those who hold the strings of power today remain in control.

        The Republic died a long while ago, killed by Woodrow Wilson, who gave power and control over to the Federal Reserve (neither Federal or a Reserve) the IRS, he segregated the government and set race relations back decades... heck, he was the father of modern racism in many ways.

        What is coming to control America today is too similar to the worst parts of 1940s China and 1930s Germany to be ignored.  We are at a decisive moment for the direction of America... and perhaps humanity, in the months ahead.

    2. Kathleen Cochran profile image79
      Kathleen Cochranposted 6 weeks agoin reply to this

      You have two sources for all this: CNN and a Middle East think tank.

      1. Ken Burgess profile image77
        Ken Burgessposted 5 weeks agoin reply to this

        Don't worry, I'll be getting there.

        The next segment I'll be getting to soon - the Border and Child Sex Trafficking allowed by the Biden Administration.  Here is one 'source', I'll be providing others.

        Joe Rogan and Dr Phil government sex trafficking children

  3. Kathleen Cochran profile image79
    Kathleen Cochranposted 5 weeks ago

    Sheeze. But you don't believe any of the confirmed accusations against Trump?

    1. Ken Burgess profile image77
      Ken Burgessposted 5 weeks agoin reply to this

      How can anyone take these seriously?

      You have an obviously insane woman who, thanks to NY rewriting a law, was able to get Trump convicted, despite admitting she wasn't raped...

      You have a fraud charge, with a penalty of 365 million dollars, for a non-crime, where all debts were paid, and where all contractual obligations were met...

      You have some form of attempted election interference charge that no one sane believes holds water going on in GA, where the Prosecutor makes Trump look downright upstanding in comparison to her own corrupt activities...

      I feel bad for those who cannot recognize what is really going on.

      The cases being brought against him are about as legitimate as the claims that Biden is not suffering from some form of mental incapacitation.  Whether it is senility or dementia or something else, there is something going on and its hard to imagine there are those that cannot recognize or refuse to admit what is so apparent.

      1. Kathleen Cochran profile image79
        Kathleen Cochranposted 5 weeks agoin reply to this

        Oh, only attempted rape is OK? The fact that he didn't finish means what he did is just fine? Sounds exactly like what another man would say.

        1. Ken Burgess profile image77
          Ken Burgessposted 5 weeks agoin reply to this

          Yeah, I believe her as much as I believe the moon is made of cheese.

          No evidence, no rape... found guilty in NY...

          Between this case and the fraud case, it should scare off any sane man from that corrupt over-taxed state.

          1. Readmikenow profile image93
            Readmikenowposted 5 weeks agoin reply to this

            No evidence !

            I can only imagine what it is like to be a guy and have a woman accuse you of rape 26 years ago and you don't remember her.  Then to go to trial and the judge dismisses an article where she states she wasn't raped and nobody took advantage of her.  Then talks about rape as a fantasy on a talk show.  Then she says she has a dress that will prove her claim.  When she states the type of dress it is proven that type of dress wasn't made for two years AFTER the alleged then the dates of the alleged rape change.  She says she's funding her own lawsuit only to find it is being funded by an anti-trump billionaire.  Laws were actually changed so she could bring this civil suit. So blatantly crooked.

            Only proof provided is the word of a woman who is an established liar and the words of woman in the past.

            That is it.

            A travesty of justice.  An absolute abomination of the civil court system.

            She wasn't after justice, she was after money.  End of story.  Because of the corruption of the NY justice system, she got a lot of it.

            The fraud case will cause many developers to leave NY and it is starting right now.  NO victims.  Banks saying they would do business with President Donald Trump again because he paid back all his loans on time.

            What President Trump did was exactly how development deals have occurred by hundreds of developers for decades. People who aren't upset by this have no idea how President Donald Trump did nothing that hundreds of developers do every day.

            Proof NY is one extremely corrupt and over-taxed state.

            If people of NY knew any better, they'd be ashamed.

            1. Ken Burgess profile image77
              Ken Burgessposted 5 weeks agoin reply to this

              Its more than a "travesty of justice".

              It is the deliberate weaponization of the justice system.

              These cases are ALL clear indicators of "show me the man and I'll show you the crime".

              Or if you prefer, "Give me the man and I will give you the case against him" as stated by Lavrentiy Beria, the most ruthless secret police chief in Joseph Stalin’s reign of terror in Russia and Eastern Europe.  Beria bragged that he could prove criminal conduct on anyone, even the innocent.

              In today's world where they are trying to make it a felony for addressing a person by the wrong pronoun, where they want to make pedophilia an accepted norm by forcing you to call them MAPs and respect their feelings, no normal person is going to be safe from prosecution.

              Laws that are twisted to mean whatever those who are administering them want them to mean, to be enforced only against certain people, depending on their race or victimhood.

              You have to be a believer in the 'change' they are ushering forth to transform the country into nothing short of China... ... or you are completely, hopelessly, blind to what is going on around you.

  4. Ken Burgess profile image77
    Ken Burgessposted 5 weeks ago

    Biden's America ... Monumental Changes in 3 short years

    Transgender norming

    Transgender Pentagon official: … 0938915901

    1st Transgender Cabinet member, ast. secretary of health Rachel Levine

    Biden's Open Borders create historic Sex Trafficking Crisis

    Child Sex Trafficking reaches historic heights

    'Open' Borders Exploiting Migrant Children, Aiding Sex Traffickers

    Biden's Open Borders create historic Drug Crisis

    Cartels exploiting Biden's Border Crisis

    The Fentanyl War is Worse Than You Think

    Inside the fentanyl cartel: Mexico crime lords feeding US addiction

    Biden's Weaponized Justice System

    The Weaponization of The American Justice System

    Alan Dershowitz: Both Hunter Biden And Trump Cases Are Examples Of 'Weaponization' Of Justice System

    Tulsi Gabbard Makes Case For How Govt Agencies 'Are Being Weaponized Against Us'

  5. Ken Burgess profile image77
    Ken Burgessposted 5 weeks ago

    Ukraine, Gaza and the monumental failures of the Biden Administration

    One of the most damning events that will be attributed to his Presidency will be its contributions to the Ukraine and Gaza conflicts and the end of the Western led International Order.

    To the Biden Administration (Pentagon included) Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is the most consequential event in world affairs since the fall of the Soviet Union in December 1991.

    In the balance hang Ukraine becoming a satellite state of the West or it remaining part of the now revived Russian sphere of influence, as well as the credibility of the West, and the preservation of the Western led rules-based international order.

    For much of the world, the Ukraine conflict is not an elemental struggle between good and evil.

    Nor for much of the rest of the world are they interested in the West’s concept of ‘freedom and democracy’.

    Outside of the West, the world sees this in a variety of negative lights where America holds as much of the blame as Russia, if not more.  They resent the instability this conflict has caused, the impact on food security and access to materials it has had.

    This negative view by the global majority has only been magnified by America’s support for the continued Israeli assault on Gaza.

    Israel has imposed conditions that have left hundreds of thousands without basic human necessities. It has carried out indiscriminate, disproportionate, and direct attacks on civilians and “civilian objects,” such as schools and hospitals and over 30,000 Palestinians have reportedly been killed.

    The US and other Western countries have supported Israel, providing military assistance, opposing calls for a cease-fire at the United Nations, stopping funding of the UN Relief and Works Agency serving Palestinian refugees, and rejecting South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), as the carnage continued to unfold.

    Similarly, paths to a negotiated peace between Russia and Ukraine have been thwarted, the Minsk agreement ratified by the UN and brokered by France and Germany was not enacted by Ukraine, at the behest of the Biden Administration, which led to Russia’s Special Military Operation.

    Weeks after the conflict began, negotiations in Turkey were there to be had, two points had to be conceded. Russia insisted that Ukraine recognize Crimea as part of Russia and Russia insisted that Ukraine remain forever neutral and not a member of NATO.

    The entire world knows that America and other Western nations refuse to accept this.

    ---- ----

    The “rules-based international order” that emerged in the 1990s reflected the dominance of the United States after the collapse of the USSR.

    During the following decades, America toppled and occupied nation after nation.  While America was spending its wealth and international good will on these military conflicts, the rest of the world, especially Russia and China, seized on this time of relative global peace to catch up to America.

    America’s dominance has diminished steadily over the past three decades while Russia and China’s grew.

    The Ukraine war did not weaken Russia so much as it strengthened China, BRICS, OPEC and the non-Western world’s shift away from the US Dollar, US leadership; exacerbated by supporting Israel’s destruction of Gaza.

    The Biden Administration’s refusal to recognize Russia’s perspective may doom the world to far worse.

    For Russia, the Ukraine conflict has now become an existential struggle, akin to the Great Patriotic War of 1941–45, which cannot be lost whatever the human cost.

    To get any form of peace from Russia now, will require conceding not just Crimea, but the bulk of all territories Russia now holds.

    Many non-Western countries maintain a neutral, almost agnostic stance. There were 35 abstentions in each of the first two UNGA votes, plus several absences.  They do not support Ukraine’s position.

    Non-Western nations do not see Russia’s actions as uniquely evil, as they see it, the invasion is no worse than other military ventures such as the US occupation of Afghanistan, invasion of Iraq, and overthrow of Libya. 

    The invasion of Iraq saw America circumvent the United Nations and violate Iraqi sovereignty on the false premise that Saddam Hussein retained weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The subsequent carnage and disruption were enormous, with nearly 300 000 deaths and around six million people displaced.

    There is also our efforts to overthrow the President of Syria and the millions of displaced Syrians that resulted.

    In the eyes of most nations, America has no moral grounds to stand on regarding what Russia does.

    If the United States can ignore the rules whenever it chooses, as in Iraq, then it is hardly surprising that Russia, China, or other powers should also do so.

    ----  -----

    China’s stance on the Ukraine crisis has scarcely been impartial, but instead pro-Putin, blaming the United States and NATO for “provoking” the invasion.

    Xi has no interest in an American-Ukrainian triumph. It would vindicate US global leadership and embolden Washington to pursue an assertive approach on Taiwan and in general.

    The Ukraine war has not impacted China’s goals.  Xi is more committed than ever to securing the reunification of Taiwan with the mainland, asserting China’s primacy in Asia, and building up China as a global leader... the conflict in Gaza and hostilities in the Middle East have allowed it to play that part.

    ---- -----

    TIME – Ukraine Can’t Win the War

    ‘High time for peace’, UN chief says, as Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine enters third year


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