Self Reliance is still important in Globalization?outdated concept? no still im

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    pramodgokhaleposted 5 years ago

    Self Reliance is still important in Globalization?outdated concept? no  still important.

    India ,third world nation, decided that Self Reliance is very important for us.Pt, Nehru PM in 1947 realized that
    Sovereign nation should have strong Industrial base, Infrastructure.  West imposed isms Capitalism,Socialism, Globalization, Liberalization.India built core sectors  like Steel, Power,Oil,Transport and,marched to self reliant economy .India had wars with neighbors bleed economy but survived because of own industries.We were the victim of cold war but manged to survive.So Self Reliance is the power  and not out dated .

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    SidKempposted 5 years ago

    I agree. And it is best to look at self-reliance (or what Stephen Covey calls independence) at all levels: individual, family, local community, state, nation, and all humanity. When each person or social unit is independent, then we can survive and be truly ourselves even as things change around us. Also, we give more than we take.

    I'm not talking about an isolated independence. Rather, healthy self-reliance means we depend on nothing outside ourselves or our group for any one particular thing, and that we have options, and that we give more than we receive. When every person and group has this kind of self-reliance, and also swaraj - self-rule - being true to who we are, then we share respectfully and harmlessly with one another and with Mother Earth.