What can you say about cyber crime Law?

  1. jujanester profile image75
    jujanesterposted 5 years ago

    What can you say about cyber crime Law?

    In our country, they are implementing this law due to a lot of crimes in cyber world yet there was no law to implement to stop these kind of crimes.

  2. Wayne Brown profile image83
    Wayne Brownposted 5 years ago

    I will speak on the one area that makes perfect sense to me that is the area of U.S. Intelligence.  When any person employs their computer access, hardware, software, and skillset to hack into sensitive government intelliigence files then proceeds to share that information with the global public via the Internet, they are most certainly guilt just as if they had physically broken into the office of the
    FBI, CIA, or the Pentagon to obtain that same information.  There should governing that threat and there should be prosecution to a serious level of those who would employ such means.  These actions go beyond the scope of "freedom of speech"...the Constitution and Bill of Rights makes not provision to use free speech as a shield against an act of treason against one's won government, defense, and potential physical welfare.  Some crimes are far more convenient to accomplish in cyberspace than they might be in the physical sense.  Our laws must be adjusted to cover that aspect if our Rule of Law is to be uniform throughout society.  The Internet is an intricate part of the social fabric of our world and cannot be ignored in terms of crimes and violations of the law.  On the other hand, government must be careful not to attempt to choke the Internet with regulation and restrictions all in the name of preventing or deterring crime.  There must be a balance.  ~WB