How will the United States going over the Fiscal Cliff affect you?

  1. Ronna Pennington profile image83
    Ronna Penningtonposted 5 years ago

    How will the United States going over the Fiscal Cliff affect you?

  2. housexpert profile image61
    housexpertposted 5 years ago

    As long as you all, down there, don't behave like lemmings: it should all be OK. I'm still looking for the cliff! Feel like a "lemming" sometimes. Especially when I find my way into "Tim Hortons" up here. I understand that they are also advancing into the U.S. market. Dont get started on their "stuff". It may just drive you over the edge anyway. That "stuff" is addictive. Same people there all the time. Let's just call it the "THLemmings" group. You can also just "fritter" your time away into the new year there. Have a prosperous and safe new year by the way. Housexpert

  3. PhlebotomyAdviser profile image66
    PhlebotomyAdviserposted 5 years ago

    The fiscal cliff isn't going to make any tremendous effect on me right away. Since I don't fall into any problems with the alternative minimum tax, I don't have an issue with my 2012 taxes in terms of amount. All of us will have an issue with our tax returns and refunds if we are not able to get the fiscal cliff fixed and the debt ceiling raised. If we can't get it raised, we could end up in a situation where refunds can't be disbursed as the balance sheet for the government lacks the funds to do so. This is just one near term problem, but one that all of us will feel if this isn't resolved soon.