How do you suppose a one world economy will work?

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    Craanposted 5 years ago

    How do you suppose a one world economy will work?

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    Brandon Tartposted 5 years ago

    A clear cut Master-slave methodology where the slavery is not being overworked, but being given the world on a silver platter to fall in line and sync with its chief aim: ownership of the mind.

    Biting the hand that feeds won't work in a one work government because there will be the elimination of a reason to fight a system unless it is a matter or truth, not politics.  Relativism will lead the herd then guided by no reason but that the world is governed by one principle  - YOU ARE FREE TO DO AS YOU PLEASE, BUT YOU MAY NOT SPEAK AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT OR YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED FOR TREASON.

    Freedom of speech will be a certain non sequitur.  But I think that most believe that a one world economy means that there is a peculiar threat to ones ability to own property, obtain wealth or watch the upcoming Brad Pitt film, WORLD WAR Z - a zombie flick where Brad saves the world... since there is a zombie invasion, he'll no doubt be using Chanel No. 5 to clear up the ever-present stench of the living dead.  In the dystopian film coming in 2013, Pitt will be saving the world as a CIA agent, DOD official or some high level operative intended to save the world from ZOMBIES.  Now a days, a ZOMBIE is a metaphor for Consumers who've no mind remaining to cull their need to shop till they drop...dead, they just keep on sucking it up and feasting on the fat of the land.

    This is to some great measure, quite profound, since the end of the world may as well be derivative of human inventions, and their consumption.  Lovers of money that men are, we feel empowered simply by having such ease of obtaining our gadgets and iPads and this and that.  No doubt surfaces in my mind that the end of the world would look "awfully pleasant" if we could view it remotely somehow.  However, if Revelation is what one believes in, theN they'll never get to hang around to see the aftermath of being given the world and all its many treasures that Satan offered Christ, if only he would fall down an worship him.

    The capital "N" at in the word "then" above is where I had only 666 remaining characters.  So what does that number mean?  Well, if one thinks, or reasons that this is it, the world and all its many treasures, then he is trapped in it and will face the economy of Satan's attempt to be like God as Christ by dwelling in the flesh and leading the world as its Prima Victor.  666 is a style of thought - it is a mindset to which one grants the right hand of allegiance to.  NWO, NOW in order123456

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    conradofontanillaposted 5 years ago

    Presently we have capitalism espoused by the United States and the mixed economy espoused by China. Corporations under capitalism contrast with those under mixed economy but the two are co-existing. In the long run the system that exacts less human stress, and affords more egalitarianism will endure and gather more adherents. Confrontations between these systems victimize peoples who take sides not for the better choice but owing to sanctions foisted by their current leader. read more