Do you think Rand Paul will run for President in 2016? Would you vote for him?

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  1. Superkev profile image83
    Superkevposted 5 years ago

    Do you think Rand Paul will run for President in 2016? Would you vote for him?

  2. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image96
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 5 years ago

    I certainly hope he does, and if he does, then I will certainly vote for him.

  3. cajunrooster profile image60
    cajunroosterposted 5 years ago

    I don't think he will run for President in 2016. I think he will be on the radar for 2020 though. I would definitely vote for him. The only way I see him running for President in 2016 is if things go so wrong for the next four years with Obama that even the big media has to come out and say we are on the path to destruction. With people like Hillary Clinton probably deciding it would be too hard to pick up the pieces for the Dems, then a guy like Rand Paul might jump in the mix!! I don't see that happening as the big media run interference for Obama and they will surely continue to tell us how great things are.

  4. LandmarkWealth profile image77
    LandmarkWealthposted 5 years ago

    Maybe, but he is not likely to get the nomination.  However, I would vote for him.

  5. tsadjatko profile image61
    tsadjatkoposted 3 years ago

    Well you posed this Q&A 2 years ago and here we are heading into those election primaries and Rand Paul just won the CPAC Straw Poll for the third year running.

    I think he will run for President in 2016 and if he wins the primary I would vote for him (as long as no one on his staff is of Iranian decent).

    The problem for him as I see it is the primary. There are so many outstanding candidates about to jump into the race if they haven't already that I worry we won't get the best candidate because there are so many good candidates and not enough  money to go around. Whoever can be the best at gathering the most monetary support will emerge as the frontrunner although they may not be the best man or woman (Whoops, did I say woman? That can't be right, if the republicans are waging a war on women, they can't elect a member of the enemy, can they?) for the job and let's face it, the big money always expects something in return.

    I'd prefer to vote for someone with real experience in leadership and governing, be it governing a state or business. I'd vote for that candidate before I'd vote for any "professional,"  be they a Doctor or a professional politician (like a Senator). Don't get me wrong, I love Dr. Ben Carson and have nothing against Rand Paul being an optometrist, but I don't feel those professions are as good a training ground for being President as are careers of actually running something like a governor or a CEO.

    I would give the edge, however to an intelligent "professional" who is a constitutionalist, has impeccable moral character and a history of patriotism, conservatism and is not a career politician but can demonstrate their ability to lead and get things done.

    But then what's the use, anyone like that will be destroyed by the media and the Democrat party, like they paid women to file suits against Herman Cain. Yep, maybe you haven't heard but the real story is that when Herman Cain started advancing in the polls the left paid these women to say what they said about him to knock him out of the race and I believe it.

    So, this should be the most interesting election in years from a Republican point of view. From the Democrat point of view, same old same old, anoint the best liar they can find within their ranks (Hiliary? I told you so) with the most to hide because the media will take care of that, make sure they have lied about lying often because they have to be willing to do that and walla, Candidat de démocrate du jour!

    1. Superkev profile image83
      Superkevposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      For the Democrats, Hillary is a Fait Accompli as soon as she says "Yes, I would like to be president". Paul is not my first choice but I won't be upset about it if he is nominated. Rick Perry is my choice ATM.

    2. tsadjatko profile image61
      tsadjatkoposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I'm really interested in seeing all of them in action, debating and presenting their visions.Hiliary isin email scam now."I served with slick willie, slick willie was a friend of mine. Senator Hiliary, you're no slick willie! ~ Monica Lewinsky


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