What do I need to remember when arranging a press conference?

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    Ravnstedposted 4 years ago

    What do I need to remember when arranging a press conference?

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    Larry Wallposted 4 years ago

    Make sure the person at the podium is prepared  and is willing and ready to answer questions, including those that might be on the list of expected questions. When I was a reporter, I was called to an evening press conference by a local private school about some upcoming changes. It started late and they handed out a news release, and the spokesman responded by saying the news release says everything we want to say.

    The next day, I rewrote the news release, which was standard procedure, and stated that Mrs.________ declined to answer the following questions and listed about four questions that I had asked. I wrote that in responding, she said everything was covered in the news release. It wasn't.

    One of the board members called me the next day and said I seem a little irritated the night before. I told him, a press conference  was a place where reporters ask questions and expected answers. A press announcement is where a person hands out a copy of the press release and then reads it. The second is a waste of time.

    So the short answer to the question--be prepared to answer questions.