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Are we living in the 'End Times'?

  1. just helen profile image89
    just helenposted 5 years ago

    Are we living in the 'End Times'?

    I welcome responses from all faiths, or none, including New Age, economic and environmental perspectives.

  2. harmony155 profile image70
    harmony155posted 5 years ago

    No, I think we are living in desperate times where people are feeling entitled and living in excess. Everyone is living for themselves and not with the intention of the common good. Our generation is living like there is no future generation to come (why else would we be using resources unwisely that lead to climate change and destruction of our planet?).
    As for terrorist attacks, I believe the terrorists want fame (ego seeking) and/or  lack access to their true Higher Power. They are wanting to shamelessly defend their religion and their beliefs at the expense of their lives and others.

  3. mkjohnston81 profile image86
    mkjohnston81posted 5 years ago

    I know a lot of people think we are living in end times, but if you look back in history, people have been saying the same types of things for thousands of years--i.e. "there are all these wars and things are so terrible, surely it must be the end times!!"  There are a lot of things that could potentially happen, from global warming to nuclear world wars, that could potentially be "apocalyptic" and cause a lot of destruction, but I don't think it would really be "the end of the world."  I think it would just mean change, and change happens all the time anyway (I mean, it would be a big change, but not like the extinction of the human race, or complete destruction of the planet, necessarily).  I was raised in a very conservative Christian household, that definitely believed the end times were nigh--it never went over very well, either at home or in church, that I disagreed with that viewpoint!  I was once asked this question in Sunday school when I was a teenager. I was obviously expected to answer "yes" like everyone else did, but instead I answered, "I don't think the world will end until the sun goes into its red dwarf phase and swallows the earth, which won't happen for thousands (millions?) of years from now.  But by then I figure we'll have perfected space travel and can find some other planet to live on."  Everyone just stared at me like I was growing horns...

  4. Isa28 profile image56
    Isa28posted 5 years ago

    Yes, I think we are living in the end times of our civilisation.  Everyone appears obsessed with themselves, their needs/desires and how quickly these can be sated so they can move on to the next thing they perceive they want/need.

    We seem to have lost our sense of community (unless there is a catastrophe which gets everyone involved) ; our sense of working together for a greater purpose like helping those who have less than ourselves or even just helping out a neighbour.  It feels like we're on a runaway train, no quite knowing if we should bail out now or prepare for the crash that appears inevitable.