Where do today's Veteran's fit in our society, especially if they come home with

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    Leaderofmanyposted 4 years ago

    Where do today's Veteran's fit in our society, especially if they come home with a disability?

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    jjackson786posted 4 years ago

    Thankfully, it appears as though the fortunes of veterans returning home are improving. There have been several times in recent history when combat veterans were returning to the United States without any prospect of employment, causing them to lose their homes and everything else they held onto while they were away.

    Today, things seem to be looking up for this mighty group of people. National businesses and corporations are starting to establish networks for veterans seeking employment with aid from non-profit organizations that assist with reintegration. Veterans are viewed as assets in most situations due to their experience under-fire and the wisdom they most likely gleaned from their experiences.

    Disabled veterans are being treated with more respect now as well. Several organizations such as Wounded Warriors and the Disabled Veterans of America have made significant strides in assisting these individuals with rebuilding their lives after surviving a physical or emotional combat-related injury. But that is the extent of the difference: A disabled veteran is simply a veteran with a disability. The wisdom, experience, and personal characteristics that make soldiers soldiers remain in even those who have been injured.

    Overall, it is essential that veterans who are returning home- whether injured or not- realize that there are resources that exist solely to assist them. America is starting to value her heroes again, and we are willing to help in any way possible.