Should death penalty executions in the USA be handled as described in the Bible,

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    PerrySparkposted 3 years ago

    Should death penalty executions in the USA be handled as described in the Bible, an eye for an eye,

    a tooth for a tooth?  So, a murderer using a gun would be shot, one using a knife would be stabbed, one who buried someone alive, would be buried alive.  Some people believe these things to be inhumane, but then, they cannot explain the lack of humane activity concerning the murdered victim?  So, where do you stand considering the growing evil within society today?

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    BrandonBaileyposted 3 years ago

    Yes, I believe that deciding what death penalty used based on the method the murderer used would be a terrific idea. Not only would they get what they deserve, it would also be an effective deterrent to crime and would eliminate the excessively long waiting time between a death penalty conviction and the execution. I would even go to an extreme and allow family of the victim to be allowed to participate in the execution (such as allowing the brother/father of a teenager who was shot to death to shoot the murderer if they so wish). This would only be justice and would give some of the families of victims closure for their loss. It wouldn't heal them completely, but I know I would feel better if I were the one that killed my brothers' murderer. I think there is so much violent crime in society today partly due to the lax way we handle murderers. We either sit them in prison the rest of their lives (which a lot of killers don't seem to mind) or give them the death penalty (which often takes more than a decade of sitting on death row). If we sped up the process and allowed more painful ways to legally execute them, it would be a strong message that committing these crimes aren't worth it. Sorry about the book, this is something I been thinking about for a while now.

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    Angela Kendrickposted 3 years ago

    No.  The Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees that no one here will be subjected to "cruel and unusual punishment."  What distinguishes the United States from some of the less civilized, barbaric countries is the very limited objective of "humane treatment" in administering capital punishment.  While inhumane things often happen to murder victims, we definitely do not want to start a trend of acting as the criminal perpetrators did in the administration of capital punishment.  Remember, some murderers are psychopaths and sociopaths.  To act akin to them in the name of punishment would be Medieval, the ultimate slippery slope that would cause our regression to the Dark Ages.