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Many average persons (not talented) do much better than talented persons. What a

  1. Sundeep Kataria profile image73
    Sundeep Katariaposted 3 years ago

    Many average persons (not talented) do much better than talented persons. What are the reasons?

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    Richie Alburoposted 3 years ago

    I think the reason is average person strive more to become successful while talented person thinks that they know all.

  3. Kat Phi profile image61
    Kat Phiposted 3 years ago

    The average person doesn't have as much personal stock in the outcome so they try more freely. The talented person doesn't want to be seen as anything less and the emotional stock in the outcome is so great that they venture less often in much narrower field.

    I would much rather be good at many things than great at 1.

  4. fpherj48 profile image76
    fpherj48posted 3 years ago

    Sundeep..Dear friend..How do you come up with so many good questions?
    First of all,I don't think I would simply accept that "many average persons do much better than talented persons." This is a very broad assumption, IMO.
    I happen to believe that each and every individual has a talent...or several talents.Some are better at expressing/displaying their talent(s).Many people don't even discover or recognize talents they possess, until they are older and more experienced. 
    Case in point: I have an 18 year old grandson who only began "drawing" in his Senior year of High School. He has blown everyone away. His Art Teacher is in awe, he won 3 awards (one Statewide) and people have asked him to draw pictures that they can display in their homes. It is very much a phenomenon.   When I first saw his work, I was astounded and said to him, "Ben! I had no idea what an incredible artist you are." His shy reply to me was, "Neither did I, Grandma."
    I also have a feeling, as others here have said, that people who believe they are merely average seem to try harder,and put more effort into their work.
    Those with natural talents or "gifts" as I say....are a bit less concerned about hard work because they simply know they can do something that many others cannot...and they do it with ease.
    I would be happy to know that all people consider they are "above average," excellent or even "genius."   It is too much false modesty that may hold many back from excelling...don't you think?
    To accept and/or settle for a label of "average" shows complacency or a lack of pride and motivation.   "No one expects much of me...and I don't strive for excellence because I AM JUST AVERAGE."
    If one of my sons had ever uttered those words.....my main goal as their mother would be to turn that completely around, any way I could, whatever I had to do.   Proudly, I can say that all 4 of my sons have enormous talent, motivation and intelligence, because I raised them to BELIEVE they could DO whatever they chose...BE  the successful person they strove to be and maintain love and compassion for humanity......keep the EGO toned down.
    Average?  I don't even like the word.  What's average?  I could not and would not describe a single person I know as "average."   And neither should any of us.
    What we can easily do is find something special, unique and EXTRA-ordinary about each person in the Universe.
    I know, Sundeep, I went off in my own direction ...Sorry.